National Rally 2012 - The random chat thread!

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 Bugatti drive up the hill…I have spoken to Ian Patton and he is trying to organise a ride in a Type 37 GP car

Something like this:

Now cross your fingers! …

cool, they are crossed… cheers for that… Big Smile

 I am a chosen one!! Just recieved my confirmation E-mail, Even the incessant rain can’t upset me now!!!


Thumbs up See…the system is working! Wink

 How many applications for the drive up the hill have there been so far?



They are not coming directly to me, but some have been arriving every day since the announcement in STHT. I will make an equiry for a ‘running’ total…



58 so far!

 I thought that there was going to be a mad rush and was panicking because I missed the post on Saturday and Sunday come to that!!!



That is 58 in 3 days…not bad going I would have thought! Another 6 days like that and all the places will have gone! Wink

Dear All,

I have returned from holiday this evening to find an email from the original author of the article I reproduced in my original post. I have chosen to remove it but I see that he has posted further down and still strongly encourage visiting his site to highten awareness of the Hill Climb.

Ive been awake now for far too long so I’m off to bed…


 Thank you Jim, I’m sure a lot of people will find that very useful. Just to point out, though, this is dated 2005…the tarmac is now no longer new, but the road surface is good. Don’t be put off, this is a really good track to drive. You can go as fast or as slow as your angels will let you. You will not hold anyone up as you will pretty much be on the track on your own.

I have been asked to put this next statement on the forum as a reminder to everyone:

There is absolutely no racing and no timing of any runs. This will enable people of limited oe no experience to enjoy the run up the hill without feeling that there is a record to break.

I am sorry, this is not the rules of the MX-5 owners club, this is Prescott Hill Climb rules.


Thanks for finding out the info. Thumbs up


How many are we up to now?



I have a meeting on Thursday night, so I’ll post after that. Wink

Sent my payment today for the hill climb, now i’ll have to take a look on you tube to see how its done or may be not.

As the author of the article reproduced without permission, (!) earlier in the thread, it can stay.

I would however strongly suggest you refer to this map on my site

The copied article suggests the map is on your site, it’s not. (A result of a cut and paste job).

I did write to Jibber with this, but have had no answer, hence this post.

Have fun, Martyn Culling

Thanks Martyn,

Do you know if there are any higher resolution version of this map? I have made repeated requests to Prescott, but to no avail.

If not. Would you have any objections to my using this map as the foundation for a graphic map to use for the event printed programme - Yours also being the highest resolution image I can find online also? It is not so much for the Track as it is for the paddock and fields layout for the visitors in the programme.

Many thanks

Not really my permission to give. I scanned a programme for a competitive hill climb and as such, the map is really copyright to the Bugatti Owners Club. They’ve not objected and it has been on my web site for at least 10 years.

In terms of any rights I may have - you can carry on, but I think you’d best acknoledge the original source and say “adapted from a map produced by the Bugatti Owners Club”.

Have fun.