National Rally 2013 Got any questions ? Post in this thread please...

Post all your questions in this thread and the Eastern Rally Team will try to answer them…




Do we have a list of any and what trade stands will be turning up?  Mx5 parts, autolink and the like?   

Many thanks

The organising team are currently contacting traders to confirm their attendance, but expect the usual suspects and hopefully a few more.

Further details and a full list will be published as soon as final confirmations are received.

Have the details of the drives been finalised and made available yet?

Should be online for download during this week… 


Hi ,
I bought tickets a few weeks ago along Thoth some club merchandise. I received my merchandise but not tickets. I can only assume (I hate to assume) that the tickets will be sent nearer the date, I would like confirmation of this.
I had an accident last week in my MX5 and I am still waiting on the insurance company to make a decision on my car, in the event the car is written off I will,have to cancel my tickets unless there is a single person going to the event that I could ride with. I would be grateful for some guidance on how I go about cancelling my ticket for a refund in the event I have to go down that route.
Another question, I did not or have not seen any details about possible camping sights at or near Sandringham, could you please advise on this.
My apologies for not sorting this out earlier, but with accidents and my mother finding out she has cancer, the chemotherapy and operations, this has all been rather ove whelming, my brain is having problems functioning, any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely.
David McHugh Solent area.


Tickets are being posted out separately in due course, to cancel you need to do that via the Club store where you bought them and they will arrange. 

Camping info is here…

I hope that all helps and things work out so you can come…

Looking forward to the event, will Peter Jones of Mazmania be there this year? 


I believe so, details of traders to be released very shortly… Smile


I’m hoping to be at rally for both days I appreciate it is to late for dinner tickets but is it still possible to attend after the dinner for beer and chat etc


It’s in discussion, numbers in the venue could  be a problem. Will you be a resident at Knights Hill?



I’m sorry to say that the official word on entering the venue for after dinner drinks is ‘no’. The venue is very close to capacity already. There is a Pub (resturant/bar) on site (The Farmers Arms Inn) if that’s of any use for a social meet point, this is completely independent of the Gala Dinner venue though.

I don’t have an entry hanger. How do I go about getting one, or is it enough to flash my membership card on the day?

It should have come with your August Soft Top Hardtop. Membership card will be OK, you’ll have to fill in a hanger at the gate.

How do I get a rally hanger there was not one enclosed with my magazine

Hi, contact the membership team, details in STHT, they can send out replacements to members, just give them your membership number… Smile



With reference to the discounted entry to the House and gardens, is the discount just for the club member or does this include wife, partner, what have you, as well?

Like me I’m sure there are a lot of members who will have there other half with them, in fact my wife is talking about going off to explore the house and gardens on her own while I wander around the rally.


Dave D

Dave, not a problem, discount will be given on production of a membership card to the person or the party paying at the time. So if its a couple then waving one card will get them both a discount, and if its a single then again they just need to have the card to show.  Just send the good lady wife up to the house with the membership card. I can’t give anything away though but she may find that the rally has plenty to offer her goodself as well, as its not just car stuff for blokes!.. Watch this space… Wink


Thanks, I think we will try and do both together.