National Rally 2017 - your Questions

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The August edition of Soft Top Hardtop has most of the information about the Rally and check

The team are working hard to get everything together for you and are really looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s Rally.


So this is going to be the first ever Rally that my wife and I will attend, and I’m just wondering if we are allowed to bring our dog along? I’m know he won’t be allowed in the museum, but will he be allowed around the outside areas?

Many thanks,


Looking forward to the rally, does anyone know if next years venues have been decided?

Don… This is for this year!

Next year’s events and dates will be announced at the Rally.




Hi James, 

Spoke wth the Museum

Dogs are welcome on site, but will not be allowed inside the museums, as you point out. However they must be kept on a lead at all times and they also asked if owners can please bring appropriate bags for clean up after their dogs.  

Please also be aware that we do have some driving activities on site when walking with your dog at the event.


Hope that is ok


Hey guys and girl.

this will be my first mx5 meet and starting with the big one.

i am meeting some people at Warwick services will they all be on the same stand as me?

as i do not want to be lost when i get to the museum


Thanks Martin

HI Martin

Do you know if you are joining and Area or trade Stand? or are you just hoping to park together with some members?
If the latter if you arrive together you will be parked up together.

Hi there,  I’m an MX-5 forum member (obviously) but not an MX-5 OC member.  Will I be able to park my MX-5 in the main display area or will I have to leave it in the normal car park?


Mark B.


thanks for the reply sir

nah I just want to be parked on a club stand that’s all.

I’m gunna meet up at the warick service station guys and roll with them :slight_smile:


Hi Mark, arriving in an MX-5 you’ll be directed into to the Non member MX-5 Parking, which is at the top of the entrance road

If you are coming with a friend or guest, there has never been a better time to join the Club! The Rally is open to all with tickets available on the day priced at the Museums regular entry of £14 per person. MX-5 Owners Club members get FREE entry to the event with a guest, plus infield MX-5 parking and Museum access!
Joining the Club before the 15th September is incredible value, membership is just £35 per year* if you are coming to the Rally this makes your year’s membership the equivalent to just £7! *joining and international fees apply

I feel certain that this has been asked and answered a million times before but here goes…

Myself and my fiance have joint membership and therefore one hanging pass (you can see where it’s going now, can’t you…) but are coming in two mx5s. Are we going to fall foul of the marshalls (doing a wonderful and much appreciated job, of course) who will send me (it’s bound to be me, I’m always the first to cave under pressure) to the peasants parking area? 

I’m not driving down there to park next to a Ford Focus 



I sincerely hope that’s tongue-in-cheek…


A Peasant


Haha! No, it wasn’t.  I think the ladies will be in mob caps and the chaps will be in hob nailed boots. Obviously.

what time will there be mx5s at warwick services will be coming from burton

Apologies for the duplicate post - my phone posted it twice!

Hi all, I dont seem to have received a hanging pass with my August edition of the magazine - am I able to get one on the day or have one sent to me?

Hi all, I dont seem to have received a hanging pass with my August edition of the magazine - am I able to get one on the day or have one sent to me?

Don’t worry, you’ll be directed to the second MX-5 car park and you’ll be able to use your Club membership card to get through the gates.

That’s fantastic, thanks Iain!