National Rally photo thread... [all photo threads merged]

Got any national rally photos ?  Post up a the best here with links to your albums as well.  The more the merrier…Big Smile

 This one better be in here thenWink



Short Photo video of the autotest.

The sign say everything with this dodgy pair.

too much laughing…

Look- alike Twins

to much laughing

Another profesional passenger role

Big soft and around in 1.05 Renta a tart in a Volvo

If you want any of the photos from the Video in hi def let me know / drop me a pm



The HD track videos will be done on tuesday after the nice BT man finaly get super fast broadband into the mountains.

0.3 Meg upload speed is a 10 hour wait for a 20 min Hd video…should be 1/2 hour on tuesdayBig Smile

Photos of the rally taken by the professional photographer :-

They are sorted by time order.


A high res photo costs £25? Thumbs Down

Bit steep isn’t it? I wouldn’t buy any at that price, but perhaps would if they were less.

I agree, thats very steep.


 Yikes …most motorsport photgraphers do you a disk of all your photos for that price.

I wish him all the best.

A good photo should show your car looking exciting e.g



Greedy I’m afraid, shame, I’d have had one or two otherwise.

Nice pictures! anyway the professional pics give us a good flavour of the whole weekend.


Come on then, where’s the rest of you lots photos ?


 And some of the Autotest. Again not brilliant but gives a flavour of the event. Not sure if I should have posted here or in “events” but it can always be moved.

Silverstone Paddock:

And Pits:

And some shiny cars…

Was great to meet so many people and a big Thank You from Louise and I to those kind enough to congratulate on our 1st year efforts in the Motorsport Role.

Thumbs up

Below are just a couple from Sunday, I will be uploading alot more soon. As a few of you on here know I am a pro photographer which means I do watermark my pics because i need to sell the prints to feed my mx5 passion! When i have uploaded them all i will post a link so if you like one or two you can buy at lesiure and you will be pleased to hear that high res jpegs are alot less than £25. (apologies to the other photographer but i do think they are a tad overpriced)

 Nice pics Lu. I didnt realise youre a pro Thumbs up 

Most of mine are same / similar to the above but here`s a few anyway.

Did you take time to read all the prices!

Prices start at £10.00 for a High Res Quality Printed Photo or call him for bulk discount. 

hbbel that’s me in N95 PJD - great pics!! Cool

Will keep a lookout for your pricing.

 My first National and really had a great day…hope you all like the pix… I do get a bit carried away with my camera!


I think that’s quite enough for now… so, did you see your own car then ???


Who owns yellow mk1 J759 DYP?

I have J755 DYP! Were we imported the same time?..