National Rally Sandringham

Just back from the rally and wanted to say thank you and well done to all those in Eastern Region who were involved in the organisation - one of the best we’ve been to! Great location, lovely hotel - the hotel staff did an amazing job catering for and serving so many people, fantastic entertainment - the magician was awesome and wonderful weather! For us it ticked all the boxes. We were particularly impressed with the very friendly reception we received on arrival and the farewell as we left, a nice touch. A huge amount of hard work must have gone into execution of this event - you all deserve to put your feet up and have a good rest! Once again - THANKYOU!

A great day, smashing weather, nice to see other members from differant areas again.  THANK YOU all for the great welcome you gave us.

Again, just back from the rally, our first event. Absolutely brilliant! Everybody were so friendly and helpful. Very well organised and a wonderful location. Well done Eastern Region!!

Absolutely brilliant rally! The bar just keeps getting higher. Something for everyone. A big thank you & well done to all the organisers & volunteers.

An all round success I think. Great location, well planned, blessed with sunshine - what more could anyone ask? As I was leaving at around 3.10pm there were still cars arriving and the man with the clicker told me he had 886 on his counter.

Thanks for all those hours put in before and on the day by all those who helped to make it happen. I look forward to the write up in STHT.

And that doesnt include all the members that unintentionally came in through the opposite gate! Our convoy of 10 came in the opposite gate by mistake and we saw quite a lot of other doing so too.


Great rally by the way. My 8th or 9th national and definitely one of the best.

Thanks to all concerned in whatever way for organising a great weekend.
It was our first rally and we really enjoyed it. I’m still trying to work out how the magician got my 10p coin in that little draw string bag.
My afternoon peaked around 1.30 when, out of the blue, Vicki asked “Do you want to split up?”
Wow! me thinks, ‘I can get a Mk 1 as well now’
My euphoria was quickly dampened once I’d worked out she meant I stay in the showground and she wanders up to the house.
Thanks again.

I’d like to thank the organisers for a great day on behalf of myself, The Captains Wife and all the Buccaneer5 that made a weekend of it.

We did two of the runs on Saturday, a total of 159 miles, all fantastic roads.

Hopefully we didn’t mess up the car count too much by finding our own way onto the rally field.

A final photo shoot before heading south.

Big well done here to for the hard work the eastern region put in and shown big time, the set out for future events should be wrote in stone, it was a great rally and you all should be proud of yourselfs, it did help that Mr sunshine bounced down all day for us all which was agreat bouns for a open top sports car event…





Just wanted a big thanks to all who helped make this day special. Great to catch up with friends form other areas, perfect weather and great people.

Laughing Well done Eastern Region, an excellent weekend helped by great weather in a lovely area of the country, thanks for all the hard work by everyone concerned.

New friends made and my MX caught up with old friends not seen since she came off the production line!

Just out of curiosity though, how well did the ‘Service Area’ traders do, effectively cut off from the bulk of their customers, who were 200yds away on the other side of a rope barrier?

very well I believe, and not really cut off, there was full circulation for people around the arena and not a rope barrier on site, but we had to put them somewhere with safe access for cars to get in and out and that side had the access, no trees in the way and no pedestrian routes to cross… 

“Service Bay” customers were allowed to drive from the car park to the service bays via the road and directly across the grass (it was planned that way) and this worked very well. All the Service Area Traders had a good day with Mazamania fitting 3 hoods on the day and Dent Devils had people queueing at one point. Also I believe that Dent Devils and Fontwell Aircon, being mobile, actually went to the car park to work on some cars.

That’s good. I used Dent Devils.I was the first there - and he only had 5 pre-bookings. Last I heard cars couldn’t come to him. He had to tramp backwards and forwards from his ‘service area’ stand to different cars scattered around the parking area.

Well done to the Eastern Region for such a grand day out, this was my first outing with my MX5, thanks also to the South East Region who made me feel so welcome, and not forgetting the club stand where I spent far too much money…lol

ah, so it was youWink

the Club Merchandise stand was heaving all day long, with people 3-4 deep around it at times, the team on there did an amazing job, with hardly a break all day, I think we had 4-6 people on it all day long,  clearly the Club merchandise is worth buying these days… Smile

The stand is in there somewhere…!


[quote=Mister H]


I got all excited when I heard Dent Devils were charging £70 a panel, but deflated when quoted for my hail damaged MX5 at £1500-2000…