National rally sept 2021

Hi all,
Does anybody know if the national rally at Claydon house is going ahead or not and if we need to register? Thanks.

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Hi, I was about to post the same question. There appears to be very little information available about it that i can find. The website is not up to much, and the forum is very quiet…

Shame, because I’m looking to book accommodation, but with no news am holding off. Just over 1 month to go, lets hope some news is forthcoming soon…

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes looks like we will have to wait.

Hi is there any more infor on this event - couldn’t see to much on the web site. Entry arrangements, show and shine registration? Thank you.

@JG12 @greatwhite @Gaa2011

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It’s all good to go, but many things to get in hand of course as things aren’t currently what they used to be!!

It’s just going to be so good getting out in the MX-5 and meeting up with a load of old friends again. I can’t wait… :smile:


How much is the entrance fee for non members?

Hi Martin
No sign of the August edition of STHT yet. Is it just me or is there a general delay?

its coming, :slight_smile:

Hi M,
I refuse to be drawn :hot_face: !!!


Steeple Claydon’s a great venue but unfortunately for those of us who live nearby we have the twin delights of East West Rail and HS2. Construction traffic has taken it’s toll on the roads so be warned of the cavernous potholes! You can ground the rear end very easily near the venue. Two coil springs on our Hyundai recently.


That’s concerning! Can you be specific with any particular roads that may swallow up our cars when enroute to next months National rally?

I’ll take a drive out that way in the next couple of weeks. This website is a good starting point though Failed road - Viewing a problem :: FixMyStreet. It made the local bbc news amonth ago.

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Top Job! I look forward to the results of your investigation.

Jim Keeley

So i’ve been for a quick drive to Steeple Claydon and back. I took the road from Buckingham to Padbury and on to Steeple Claydon. Then back out to Winslow via East Claydon.

The road from Padbury isn’t great but no worse than most around here. A lot of potholes have been patched. Unfortunately due to EWR road closure you have to go into the village and turn left to get to Claydon House. This bit of road is among the worst you will ever see - it has completely failed and a 200 yard stretch is controlled by traffic lights so that you can slalom your way through the subsidence. Get this wrong and you could quite easily bottom out (i was in my 4x4). There are no repairs going on at present.

The good news is that the road to and through East Claydon is mostly ok and on to Winslow has been resurfaced recently.

So at present my advice for anyone going to Claydon House is to do it via East Claydon but I reiterate that the direct route from Padbury to East Claydon is closed. Coming from the north i suggest taking the road from Winslow.


Hello Martin, should these comments be put on general notification direct from the main committee. regards John & Patricia

Many thanks for your information. I will pass to committee for their consideration and action if required



@Cameraman_Keeley @AlAndCas
This reply has been posted over on the South Central FB page…clarification is needed
Rally venue is at Claydon Estate NOT at the National Trust Claydon House.
Entrance is from the Unclassified Road between Calvert and Botolph Claydon only
Post Code: MK18 2EZ

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Is this Unclassified Road between Calvert and Botolph Claydon?