National Rally

Is it right, the National Rally is back at Gaydon after only 2 years?

Surely we can be a little more creative than that?

Yep back at Gaydon and a two day event as well (I think). I have it on good authority that it wasn’t the first choice. However the costs associated with that venue spiralled upwards and the OC had to think again.

Agreed it’s not great to keep going back to Gaydon. Difficult for the club though to find venues that can deal with the volume of cars we have attending.

The reasons for the venues on the shortlist and selection for this year’s events were extensive, however the British Motor Museum was always a consideration for the Anniversary this year, as it is an ideal venue to host our event - it is a centrally located, well serviced, all-weather capable and a venue that can also handle our numbers, the historic motoring focus is a great add on to these capabilities.

This year’s event is also provided Free to members, this took protracted and lengthy negotiation to be able to make that possible and the venue choice is also instrumental in making many of the additional activities at the event for members possible in this special year.
There will be ticketed activities starting on the Saturday with lots of evening entertainment at the Museum, before the Rally programme on the Sunday. Information will start to emerge once contracts are completed etc.

Always welcome recommendations on where folks would like to go, however the scale of the events is a limiting factor for many venues which are now largely the backdrop to our events and not a primary reason for selection.

Issues and planning around the Club’s events are more than likely going to be changing in 2020 and all members are encouraged to participate in this anniversary year.

All I would say is that I believe the venue attraction to be important - otherwise you could just rent a big field for the weekend.

I enjoyed the 2017 event but I’ve no wish to repeat it so I shall not be attending this year (Been there, done that).

We also need a venue that will attract ‘the other half’ which is why Ragley Hall was such a good idea. A weekend that is 100% cars will not attract everyone.

I think Gaydon is great idea,pretty central,also can cope with huge numbers that now turn up,lots of various things for people to see,also this year since last visit there has been quite lot of changes to the place.

Mainly though it basically knows how to handle huge numbers etc,which must now be the biggest problem of finding different venues.


All best Simon

At times like this it’s important to remind ourselves that all the club “staff” are unpaid volunteers. Those who think they can do a better job of it might consider volunteering their own services for future events.


They’ve had some big changes to the venue, I visited last year after the Ragley hall rally. We spent a couple of days away then called in on our way back to Derbyshire, loved it. It’s obviously a more relaxed visit than when there are hundreds of MX-5 owners there too but hey if it’s all in with the entry to the rally then what’s not to like.

As you can imagine much discussion and a huge amount of work done in settling on a venue for this anniversary rally.  One thing I’ve tried to emphasise is we are putting on an event, and as such the venue then in terms of a destination  becomes less important for what it offers us to do (as in visit a stately home, museum etc) and is more important in the facilities it offers us to enable our event. 

With the huge number of cars and people we now attract we need significant infrastructure to support and service that, and places such as Gaydon offer it, a nice field somewhere doesn’t, as you have to bring everything in. 

Gaydon offers us everything we need, so in principle its the blank canvas now onto which we are building an exciting event. And it is going to be exciting 

I can think of far worse places to while away a (hopefully) sunny Gaydon. Even in the rain, Gaydon is a great place to visit for the petrol/gear/EV head.

After the Ragley Hall event it is difficult to envisage how it can be bettered.

I am excited to see and experience the challenge the Events team have set themselves.


One thing I think we can all be sure of…the decisions they make and arrangements they put in place are done with members best interests at heart.


Thank you to those who give up their own time for the benefit of members.

I’m disappointed the Silverstone Classic keeps going back to Silverstone each year! 

but MG-Live has just got bumped from there after decades!  


At least Gaydon is a bit of a drive for me. Last year at Ragley I could’ve walked.

I think Gaydon is a great location for the 30th Anniversary of a motoring legend alongside the motoring history museum!

I am grateful for all those who plan and execute such rallies!

I will be travelling down from North Yorkshire on the day and look forward to seeing the masses of MX5S and a nosey in the museum.

As good as Ragley Hall was last year, I dread to think what it would have been like after a couple of days rain. At least Gaydon is an all weather facility. Plus two days of car related activities as well, just spoilt for choice. Can’t wait.

I agree with the point made above.
There’s so much to organise for an event like this.

Tasks would include access for us all to the rally without disrupting local traffic too much,
provision of onsite facilities (i.e. parking, catering, toilets and rubbish collection) ,
then there’s the small matter of setting up and deconstructing the rally exhibits etc before and after the event.
In the past, I’ve been part of large Whit-sun youth camps /events and there’s more to do than meets the eye.
I guess these days you’d also need to factor in a raft of local authority H&S forms, which is always a joyful and inspiring process.
For all these reasons and more, it would be less than ideal to hire a field and just stage the rally like a number of ‘small time/village’ classic car shows do near where I live.
Ragley Hall was my first event and I was impressed with the number of attendees / MX5. Even my brother in law who’s a hardened car show enthusiast (over 20+ years) was seriously impressed we attracted as many MX5s as we did.

I’ve been to Gaydon a few times including as part of a Dr. Who show to add non-car elements to the venue because the point about not all people liking a car only event is quite true.
The advantages of a great site with really good facilities is clear.
I know it might not seem totally enticing when you’ve been there before but let’s reserve judgement until all the details have been published.
I hadn’t expected a drag down the track event when I first found out about the spring rally.

I’m really looking forward to the rally and then forthcoming season of top-down motoring.
Best regards to you all

That’s because much of the circuit is being relayed again in June. Whe have lost a round of Club Enduro from the National circuit but it has been rescheduled on the GP in October. 

Here is the statement direct from the MGCC re Silverstone & MGLive, it’s all to do with resurfacing of the tract…

I still think SantaPod would be a good venue, but given the events are organised by volunteers they are doing a great job.

The VW crowd have a huge following and hold lots of events throughout the year. Might be worth looking at some of the venues they use for future ideas?