NC JASS Performance Seat Lowering Brackets

I have fitted the 2.5 drop JASS seat lowering brackets to both seats of my NC.

Essentially you take the seats out of the car (4 bolts and 1 plug either side)

Then using a socket from the top unbolt the seat from the rail. (4 nuts)

Then you will see the mounting brackets are spot welded onto the rail. Remove them (drill, cut, twist, hammer.)

[optional step - take approx 1inch of the silver inner slider rail. Put it vertically in a device when you cut it with the 1” section at the top. Once cut then use some tape around the edge to stop ball bearings from falling out. Refit to rail]

Take the new brackets and bolt them to the rail.

Refit the seat to the rail and refit to car.

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I am also considering dropping my seat height. I am 6ft and my head occasionally rubs on the top but I could do with the seat sat a bit more upright. I cant decide between the 1" or the 2.5" drop.

I am a little worried that the 1" wont be enough but the 2.5" will feel like I am sat on the floor (even more so than an MX5 feels ha ha).

How does the 2.5" drop feel to you? Do you regret going so low?

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The 1” drop is not enough in my opinion, I am pleased I went lower, a friend who is 6ft 2 fits fine now.

I did both seats so was comfortable for both driver and passenger on a track day.

Spacing it back up would not be a problem if I was worried anyway I believe.


2.5 drop. Made the world of difference to me and I’m not quite 6ft.


Hi, i bought this kit to lower my NC seats as i don’t fit with the roof up and a helmet on…

The seats are the type with adjustable height, my question is about the procedure to remove them from the car. Do i need to disconnect power from the battery or not? I don’t really think they have any airbags in them and there should be a plug to disconnect the heating element. Anyway just wanted to ask whether there is anything i need to be aware of before i start taking stuff out, drilling & cutting?

If you have a 1.8 then you probably don’t have seat airbags, some of the 2.0 do, specifically the Sporttech & the higher models. Yes you should disconnect the battery, wait for a while, then push the brake pedal a couple of times to make sure any residual charge has gone. This should be in the instructions from Jass. When I fitted them to my NC I found the drop put the seats at too much of an angle so ended up getting some longer bolts and washers & fitting them at about half height. This was perfect for me (6’ 2.5")

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Yea I’ve got the 2L sport tech. Thought to ask but I guess good practice to disconnect it just in case. I got the box today but not opened it yet to read what i need to do. Thanks for the tip

Did this solve the issue for you? I’m 6’1 with a PHRT 2010 with adjustable height seats and dont quite fit with roof up and helmet on.

Yes it did mate. I wrote a guide about it too.