NC1 PRHT Passenger Window Not Working

Hi, my model is the NC1 PRHT. So today, my passenger window was being a bit strange as it was all fine then suddenly decide to not move. Let me give some background as to what happened.

I was sitting in the car and rolled down both windows slightly. Then, I closed the door lock from the inside and the passenger window stopped working, the drivers side was fine. So me and my friend tried different things, taking the roof down, locking and unlocking the car with the key. Eventually, after some attempt, we managed to get it working perfectly again. (I think we accidentally triggered the alarm system and maybe that somehow reset the car? can’t actually remember if this was what caused it to be normal again)

After an hour or so, we got back in the car and this problem happened again. This time, when the roof is closed, the roof warning light is on, which I’m guessing is the passenger window not moving at all. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

Also, does anyone know how to reset the electronics (maybe I have to disconnect the battery) and does anyone know how to trigger the alarm too.

Disconnecting the battery may help, but I’d also check the battery condition and charge level. There could be corroded contacts somewhere (fuse, switch). This video may help you at some point Mazda mx5 window fix - YouTube

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Have a read of this:-

Not exactly the same but worth checking… there are a few other threads on window problems.


You can trigger the alarm by locking the car on the fob but unlock via the key in the door. The alarm should cease once you have put the key in the ignition and turn to start.
Regards the window problem, could be connected to a faulty switch (the two switches in the centre console) mine went faulty but it was the drivers side, wear and tear on that. That car wasn’t the PRHT though so not connected to the top opening.
Apart from that as said follow the search suggested posts, hope you can sort it from there.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I tried disconnecting the battery and that didn’t really solve it. After I switched it off and then on again, it started to work, so I re-closed the roof properly while it still worked and going to leave it like that for now. I do think it’s a switch issue, maybe a slightly faulty or bad connection. I will try fix it on the weekend. Cheers everyone

ours needed a new actuator fitting.

There is a YouTube guy from Oz who shows how to resolve the PRHT swithc problem - provided that you can solder :wink:

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