ND BBR Super 220 - OBDII DTC Fault Codes - Have you had any?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2019 ND BBR Super 220
  2. I’m based near: South Lakes

I am looking for other ND BBR Super 220 conversion owners experiences of any fault codes they have or have not experienced with their engine management systems. In particular if anybody has experienced any of the following DTC fault codes:

P0087 - Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low
P0300 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P0421 - Warm Up Catalyst Below Threshold (Bank 1)

I would also like to know even if your Super 220 has run faultlessly as this will allow me to make judgement on whether this may be a problem related to my engine/conversion only.

Many thanks.

Why don’t you email BBR? They are very helpful

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Yes, thanks. But I would like to hear of other people’s experiences prior to contacting BBR.

Do they 'toughen up the trans when they do their conversions which up the hp and torque?
I’d run a mile before upping anything with the ND’s infamous chocolate gearbox- whatever version.

No they don’t. Max torque is up to 170 lb.ft from 154 lb.ft which is not a massive increase (10%) compared to a turbocharger installation. The power comes mainly from the increased revs. Mine is a 2019 model in which the gearbox had gone through most of the development. I will not be tracking or racing the car so it is not going to be subjected to constant full throttle.

Fair enough. However, a '19 plate is still going to be under the manufacturer warranty, so I presume you’ve effectively waived that away by having the conversion? The engine at least?

No. I discussed it with the Mazda UK warranty department and they stated that if there are any faults with the basic engine then they would cover it. If there there are any faults with the BBR installed items then BBR would have to cover it. That’s what the Mazda guy on phone told me anyway.

Hi there,
BBR220 here, 2019 car. Unhelpful or not, but no issues reported here.
Upgrade done December 2020 appox 2k miles ago

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Was fundamentally told the same. Claiming may be a little harder mind :anguished:

Are they recurring fault codes i.e. you have cleared them and they have come back?

Just wondering if they are historic, and not relevant now.

What fuel are you running, did BBR advise Shell V Power?

The P0421 code keeps coming back but BBR have stated that they omitted to remove the relevant line of code during remapping and that I need to take the car back (not an inconsiderable distance) to get it sorted. Yes, I always run V power. Thing is looking at the diagnostics fault finding all the fault codes could be related and resulting from one root cause.

Oh dear. Other than that, happy with your BBR upgrade? If I keep my ND2, it will be on my wishlist to have done once out of Mazda warranty.

Yes. I am very happy with the BBR upgrade. I would just like to get to the bottom of the fault codes and some other aspects of what has been done to remedy them.

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You don’t really want to sell do you…?! :crazy_face: :thinking:
Paintwork that pops, BBR upgrade or not… so much to love about the ND2… :slight_smile:

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You know what, Rob? You’re absolutely spot on!
Took it out this morning in misty sunshine and thought I can’t sell this! But if the silly sellers’ season is as silly as they say, why not sell? Could always get another one come the winter…

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Sounds positive, other than the distance

Hi, meant to ask earlier. If you don’t mind, but what drew you to checking for fault codes ? Were you experiencing problems ?

Yes. The P0087 fault code caused the engine to go into limp mode with the engine management light on (but not flashing). This went away after stopping the engine then starting again after a couple of hours and driving it (a driving cycle). The P0300 fault code appeared after I felt that the engine was losing power and “fluffing” on several occasions. It did not cause the engine management light to come on. The P0421 code has appeared on a number of occasions. In a couple of instances the engine management light also came on. As I stated BBR say that they can deal with this. My only concern is that the iStop also stops functioning, I would think to minimise the chance of neat fuel entering the catalyst on constant iStop stop/starts.

Let’s hope they sort it for and it’s all related to the same thing
Unfortunately a long trip and for something they’ve missed ?

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Good customer service would suggest they compensate you for your fuel costs, I think that is only fair.