ND rear indicator upgrade

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND
  2. I’m based near: __East Yorkshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __suitable LED replacement bulbs for rear indicators.

I’m wanting to have brighter rear indicators but am aware that LED bulbs are different dimensions to incandescent OEM. Has anyone successfully bought and fitted LED versions and can recommend? Thnx

Sequential’s seem to be the popular choice. Available from MX-5 parts, either IL Motorsports or genuine Mazda



Also available for import from IJDMToy or FlyinMiata in US, or an MX5Things version either direct from the US or through their UK distributor.


All the versions mentioned apart from the MX5Things ones appear to be exactly the same apart from branding. ILMotorsports ones from MX5Parts are the cheapest for UK purchase. £62 including postage. Mine from the states cost me over £90 once I’d paid all the fees. Highly recommended though.

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Agreed, they all appear identical.

I ordered a set of the Mazda ones from mx5parts in their august bank holiday sale as they were by far the cheapest option after import taxes and shipping were added. I’m still waiting for them to get more stock. Since then the IL ones have appeared and are cheaper again.

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Thanks for your replies @Roadie and @dodger421. I’d prefer just brighter light rather than sequential.
Do the sequential ones look brighter than OEM incandescent?

Personal opinion, yes they look brighter. If you just want to go for LED bulbs though you shouldn’t have a problem with size. The LED strip on the sequential kit is around 100mm long so if that will fit then a tall bulb shouldn’t be a problem.

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They look much better than the thin long strip ones I’ve seen on Audi cars, I think I’ll get some.

I bought a set of these from eBay for the front based on this thread where they’re described as being much brighter than the OEM. They arrived yesterday but I haven’t fitted them yet so I can’t offer an opinion.

It’s the same bulb front and rear so I think they’d be fine at the back too.


I bought the following for my ND
All from a superb seller in the UK for the amazing price of £25 and that was 1st class recorded!

All work perfectly with no error codes and as for the brightness! …So Much better!