ND Reverse Camera - DIY Fit

Kit available from Mexico ( ) for $US 100 plus shipping, linked video shows fitting, reckon I might have a go 

Parts from Mazda UK are £360 plus fitting…

Ventura video showing ND being ripped apart…


Only if that guy fits it!

This will work if the UK supplied car has the same electronic units that the US suplied car has and the camera connects to.

If you go on to the Mazda European portal parts system, and you are from the UK, you can only see the right hand drive cars parts, therefore you cannot check that the units are the same parts numbers as the US supplied cars and after 10 minutes I could not find the unit these guys were connecting to.

Therefore the parts may or may not fit a UK supplied car.


The hardware is more than likely the same, the point is worth considering and doing a bit of investigation though. Software and tweaks are interchangeable on the CMU or head unit, you wouldn’t load EU software on an NA unit though you could. I’ll ask one of the cousins if they can lift a part number off the CMU.

Fitted this today in two hours, very straightforward, the trim is all held in place with clips, there are also two bolts. I’m not going to do a build thread as it is well documented elsewhere (and in that video). 


I have a great reversing camera in my NC - it’s called a pair of eyes. I just look out the back window or, if the hood is down, over my shoulder. When you’re that low down to start with you really shouldn’t need a reversing camera. More suited to SUVs IMHO.  


Rear view on the ND is more restrictive than previous editions.

Each to their own



Where did you order it from? Seems to be $150 on eBay but it doesn’t seem to mention shipping to the UK.  I’d like to fit it to mine.


At the link below, price is up to $145, probably off the back of the level of popularity…


Cheers, done a bit more research and am going to order the OEM kit.

Ordered the kit today, once fitted I’ll then move on to the Eibach Springs and Bastuck Exhaust then I should be done for this year atleast. 

if you follow this link the price is just $100, plus delivery of $65 which works out via PayPal at £123

I ordered one online on Tuesday at about lunchtime, it was delivered to my house at lunchtime on Thursday - just 48 hours later!! Via D H L

But in that time it had been from Mexico via 3 places in the USA to Germany and then via East Midlands airport to Stoke, then to me in Cheshire  brilliant service.

Just want the weather to be a bit warmer and drier so I can install it!!

Because it’s invoice price was below £120 there was no import duty or VAT, even better.


Very good service indeed!  Mine took a lot longer to come from Japan and cost a whole lot more but is the OEM kit.  I’ve paid a fair amount of duty on parts from the US so far, thankfully the last lot I got away with as it came via a friend in Utah. 

MX-5 parts do a kit; spotted it yesterday whilst having a peruse. Linky here:



Interesting, that’s the Ventura one from Mexico now being resold by IL Motorsport/MX-5 Parts.

looks like one and the same !!

That’s sods law, the day I get mine MX-5 parts list it on their site, my consolation is that I paid about £12 less ( with carriage) and that at the moment their site is showing no stock !!


That’s good to know I watched the fitting video and there is a lot to strip out but that’s one mod idd like to get done one day