ND RF 2.0i Remap


Has anyone done an ECU remap to a MK4 ND 2.0i RF, upgrade from standard 158bhp to 175bhp?

Is this modification worth it / any troubles and problems related to this?

Hello FelixMX5
I suggest you contact Roddisons Motor Sport Sheffield S9 1US
0114244 5300 ask for Paul.

If you are talking about the bump in power between the ND1 and ND2 this also included new internals so there may be some limits to what you can do with the original ND1 internals.

Much appreciated Keith, thank you

Hi not sure where you live.
Roddison’s will send the car to Autotronix in Sheffield. (unless it’s changed).
From memory the chaps name is Clive?
The ND 2.0 engine is a derivative/modified version of the 2.0 NC that I can see.
Skuzzle Motor Sport is another very good place to go if you are down South.
He was doing a 2.0 ND while I was there. Nick is the owner and very helpful and knowledgeable.
I can vouch for a remap of a 3.75 2.0 NC which gives extra Torque, BHP and indeed better fuel economy.
I was a little doubtful of the fuel economy bit, but last year on a 3000 mile trip it proved it was correct. :+1:
The remap is done for on throttle, cruising and other modes.
Just makes the car drive better in my opinion.
It will also guard all the cars engine fail safe warning modes etc.
They will tune it “safely” to get the best from the individual engine.
Mine was programmed for General driving. Another mode for “blipping” the throttle on change down, (Fun initially but I don’t bother with that). The 3rd is set for limiting the rev’s so if you leave the car at a garage or say meet and greet they can’t thrash it! Just remember to change it when you pick it up. :wink: You can also have another mode if you use premium 98 octane unleaded? If you do you can get a little more performance.
Very clever these electronics chaps. :+1:
NEVER had any problems.
Granted not cheap, (it’s only a weekend/long weekend away money really nowadays) but worth spending the extra money at a good reputable tuner which they both are.The biggest part of the cash is for the licence for for the individual car. So if you decide to have another mod further down the road, it will not cost the earth to have it remapped.
They will save the original engine map for you too.
Yes, I am sure others are out there and hopefully some one else can vouch for a good one.
Enjoy and hopefully of some use to you. :+1:

Nd is a different engine family to the nc but tunes are readily available and should have no significant detrimental effect on reliability.

Correct, NC engine is MZR and ND is Skyactiv, tunes/remaps available for both.

Had my Sport done at Roddisons last year with very good results. Tuned for 95 octane, +10 bhp and torque up but nicely down the rev range. Doesn’t feel like it is being strangled anymore.

Something that is holding me back on a remap on my ND is the warranty issue.

Mapping your car will impact your warranty, IF they find out it has been mapped.

I know that VW are able to tell if a map has been applied, and then removed, as it leaves a tell-tale…but can Mazda?

Very good question and the mappers hopefully will be able to answer.
I think you will discover that they will know.
As when it goes in for a service they plug it in and perform any up to date software/firmware packages.
(Like our little Mazda 2).
The problem with warranties is, IF say you change the engine remap, does that automatically void the rest of the cars warranty??
I do not know, but Mazda I am sure will do their very best to get out of it if something did go wrong.
Perhaps ask one that you will never take your car too. :wink:

They can tell if it has been remapped even if you remove the tune, cases in the US documented of warranty repair refusal for cars that have been mapped.

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Hi FelixMX5,
My 2.0RF will be 3yrs old soon so I’ll have little warranty to lose. Like you I’m seriously considering some ‘tweaks’ and my current focus is the BBR Super 190 :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m following this post with interest.

It is on my radar too , for my 2016 Sport Nav ND . My one caveat is insurance. When I had the Mazda lowered springs installed , my insurer reacted as if I’d dropped in a Chevy Big Block and several others I tried weren’t happy, or prescribed a daft,mileage limit . I’m a sixty something retired lawyer , in a low risk area with full NCB - so not the worst risk .

Feadback on insurance impact of remapping would be great please

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Evening everyone
We Roddisons purchased the mapping software 4 years ago for the n/d this was primarily for the Max5 race cars, however we now carry out quite a few customer re maps as the cars get older and out of warranty. We have probably done more testing and development with the milage on and off track than anyone else and also have a ‘demo’ car should anyone wish to ‘try before you buy’


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Re insurance. The increase in bhp was what they were interested in. Up to 10% more doesn’t incur any uplift in premium, up to 20% was quite a small amount from memory. Really big increases seem to warrant a change of insurer type. I.e, specialists maybe.


Millie is 100% correct.
That is what every insurance company asked me.
The rolling percentages can vary slightly perhaps,(Any insurers out there?).

Have done some research and added it to what I already know. (Mechanical back ground).
OR just ignore the below, sod it and do it!! :wink:

To go back to the beginning of the post.
This could be really boring for some! :joy:
At the end of the day not all dyno’s and companies are the same. Remember they are a business and want your money. Choose wisely by recommendation would be my advice.
158 to 175BHP (Flywheel) is a difference of 17BHP increase, just over 11%.
158 to 190 BHP (Flywheel) is a difference of 32BHP works out at 20.9%.
However, my understanding is you will not ALWAYS get the 175 or 190. It may be less or more due to each engine being slightly different.
Likewise, whether you use 95 or 98 octane fuel.
The remap will tune the engine modification for the bits you have paid to be put on/taken off.
The only way you will REALLY know is to put it on the Dyno.
But then a Dyno can only accurately measure Torque at the WHEELS and not the FLY WHEEL.
BHP is a “calculation” of Torque, RPM from the test. (Happy to be proved wrong).
It’s the WHEEL figures that are really important to tuners and indeed the owner, as that is what really counts.
Also, you obviously loose a percentage of the power from the flywheel as it goes through the drive train to the wheels. (Still awake).
Front wheel drive looses the least, then Rear wheel drive and Four wheel drive the most. (More components using more BHP and therefore less at the wheels).
The MX5 being rear wheel drive “can loose an Average” of around 23% as it goes through the drive train.
Which, when I worked out what my car has was quite accurate and more than happy.
This was exactly the reason why I bought a 3 year old, 3000 mile car which was out of warranty.
For those toying with the idea you will not regret it.
Took me a year to do it by the way.
“My short list” In no particular order/location, Skuzzle Motor Sport, Roddinsons Motor Sport and BBR.
Yes, its a bit of a faff sorting out the insurance, but all worth it in the end.(Never read any where, where someone didn’t like it and reverted back to stock).
Honestly, it makes a great car even greater. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure Paul can give you the full info, but I would be very surprised to find if a remap is going to find another 30+ bhp on a naturally asperated engine without some notable other mods. You basically need to get air in and out and more fuel in much better.

FelixMX5 and others asked if anyone has done a remap AFTER the upgrade.

A bit more info…
Realistically you will see around 180bhp flywheel power out of an N/D1 but the big gain here is the way we can make it rev very much like the N/D2 The other point to consider is it makes more torque…more than the later car…
Yes the N/D2 as a stock car rev’s nicely but has less torque.
IMO Mazda did this to reduce stress on the chocolate gearbox, along with a dual mass flywheel maybe this is why you see less later cars suffering gearbox failures.

So to sum up…an early car is just as good as a later car imo when mapped.

Other info
One of my race cars is an early 2016 car with a map, the other is a 2019 car…both are identical when it comes to exhaust,brakes,suspension etc, so anyone want to guess what the data shows???

Yes, my 190 figure wasn’t just a remap as the deal includes a cold air intake, new manifold and exhaust.