New caliper still sticking

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk3.5
  2. I’m based near: Hemel
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: possibly sticking caliper

I recently replaced the front left caliper on my mk3.5 as the old one was sticking (had a mechanic confirm)

After replacing, it is still noticeably harder to spin the wheel on that side, and get much hotter after a drive. I bled the caliper after installing. I replaced the slide pins, and I greased the pan shims/slider plate things.

I have new pads and discs, but I don’t want to install them if they are going to be burned through quickly again!

Any and all advice welcome, and happy to provide further info or pictures if needed.

If you are near Hemel, I can recommend Japex in Kings Langley, really nice approachable guys.

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Love Japex! They are actually the ones who diagnosed the caliper initially and did my alignment! If i cannot get this solved this week, I was planning on booking an appointment with them for the brakes and a few other bits.

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Would be unusual for a brand new caliper to exhibit exactly the same issue as the one you took off. Could it not be a knackered wheel bearing that’s causing the increased friction and excess heat?

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Or possibly the part of the disc you can’t see (the rear) is worn, rusty more than that side you can see.
I’ve experienced it with another car a few years ago. The dealer fitted new pads and sent me on my way, 2 weeks later I was getting noise upon braking and an hot disc on one side, the backs of both discs were disintegrating with rust. Extreme, yes but it cost me another set of pads and obviously new discs that time.

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The disc itself is definitely the warmer component, and the wheels have alot more brake dust on one side than the other.

To your second comment about the rear of the disc, I hadn’t thought of that… Will have a look!

Edit: Oh wait that is Mick haha. Well regardless I will have a look.

jack both front wheels of the ground & get someone to press the brake pedal hard, try & rotate each front wheel to see if equal pressure is being applied to both brakes.Release pedal & see if both wheels rotate as freely as each other.If not gently release bleed nipple on side which is sticking, if fluid squirts out & wheel frees off you have a flexible brake hose which has collapsed internally.
Also make sure that both discs are OK & that pads are not sticking in their slides as a sticking pad can soon create a lot of heat which will magnify the problem .