New Feature - Image Grid

The most recent update to the forum software now offers the option to display multiple images in a grid, all you need to do is wrap them in [grid] ... [/grid] tags, and the images will be neatly arranged like this:


Nice feature, thanks Ian!

Yep, works well! :smiley:


Space did not help!!

Managed to get the preview ok but the post amendments just reverted to normal. I will try a new post so may be amend does not work.

You might have a space between [grid] and the start of the images Malc?

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I don’t believe it!!

PS How did Ian get 6 pictures? I was lmited to 5.

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No clue, I don’t see an obvious limit in the settings, will have a better look when not in the office and on a mobile device.

It’s the new forum AI integration. It automatically detects what is and what is not an MX-5 picture and automatically limits the amount of non-MX-5 photos that can be shown :wink:

Nice looking Mini though :slight_smile:

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Only allowed 5 images and normal format.

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Love it!!

Possibly this… so try doing one at a time, or less than 5 anyway as it is definitely possible to have more than 5.


this post shows that:

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As Ian says below, the 5 limit refers to simultaneous uploads. So you can just do the first batch of 5, then upload some more in another batch :+1:



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