New forum questions and tips

Hi guys. Glad the migration was successful! Couple of things I’d like to comment on are:

  1. Navigation: I find navigating from the front page very easy as there is the nav menu (circled in green below)

But once you go into any category/forum, it’s gone?

You then need to use the three little bars menu to find categories etc, no other way to navigate. Finding that a bit annoying and clunky. Is there maybe a setting in the backend so that nav menu stays regardless of what page your on? Think it would make it a lot quicker and easier to browse the forum.

  1. Glitch/bug: Noticed while posting this, that if I then use the little reduce button in the top right of my browser (where you have the Minimise. reduce or full screen options) so I can see my desktop to drag photos into the post, the post box keeps jumping up and down? Not sure if that’s a glitch maybe, but it isn’t something that should be happening. I might try it using other browsers but currently using my default browser which is Firefox.
    3.Members cars: I can find “what have you don to your car today” but where are the members cars section gone?

Just small issues, probably just me but did find old forum easier to navigate. Do however like the fact you can easily drag photos into the post!

Congrats on the move though, lots of hard work and looks to be everything has migrated nicely.


Just found the members cars (Readers rides). For some reason it’s in the “Area Discussion” category where there is all the different areas? Maybe migrated into wrong bit, just looks a bit lost in there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ive logged in to the new forum with the new auto generated password, do you have to stick with that password as I cant see where you can change it to something you remember

Hi mate

  1. Click on the circle in the top right corner of the page (see below)
  2. click on your username
  3. A new menu will appear, click on the little preferences cog (see below)

Thank you for that but still cant see an option to change my password

The membership system, forum and website are all integrated, password changes on the website under membership/profile

Relocated it.

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@Chillax - Not sure if we can change the navigation menu as the same issue is present on the Discourse support forum too.

If you enter a subforum, you can click on Top level category, and then the menu appears.




Does that help at all?

Ah, thanks Smiffy. Probably means there isn’t a way to have it displayed in every page then if it’s like that on discourse own site. Might be something they will change in a future update/version?

Thanks Ian, mucho appreciated mate :sunglasses:

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If you hit the logo at the top left you get back to the start.

It’s all a bit overwhelming, I’m trying to get used to it.
The part that is great is the ease of posting a picture now, something that some other members have found difficult to fathom.
Another now is it’s phone friendly where as before it seemed to mess up my text when trying post up or reply on a topic.
Great work has gone into it, now I’d insert a smiley from the site but I can’t find them so here’s one from my phone. :blush:

To activate smileys use the colon : key :smile:

Is it possible to have a ‘dark option’ the screen is a little bright…

If you select your avatar icon at the top right in the menu bar, and then go to Preferences

Followed by Interface, you can select a Dark theme. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I click on Change Password in the membership section it only offers “Get New Password” there is not an option to “Change Password”

Have worked it out! It is not clear that you have to over type the suggested password!

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Ah - thanks for pointing this out! We’ve made it so that this field doesn’t auto-suggest a password now, as you’re right - it’s not very clear…


It seems that external links which point directly to specific topics (e.g. the results of a Google search) are all broken and just redirect to the list of new topics.
Is it just a case of waiting for Google, Bing, etc to re-index the site? What about links to specific topics that I have saved in my Favorites?