New Member: 2020 RF 2.0 GT Sport Tech (North Yorks)

Hi everyone,
I’m a new member here (forum) looking to join the club soon.

I recently purchased my first MX-5, a 2020 RF 2.0 GT Sport Tech
Polymetal Grey / Red.

This was previously MAZDA UK’s demo car, which I bought at approx 5K miles.
It’s featured in a lot of the UK Car press and also (I recently realised) was featured in Line of Duty - mentioned on this Clubs Facebook Page:

I traded in an AUDI TTS which I loved and was a fantastic car… but I was not enjoying.
I had a bit of change of head & heart and have been CONVERTED!
Which may be worthy of discussion if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

I live in Richmondshire (North Yorkshire) and frequently enjoy some of the best roads in England (Dales, Moors, North Pennies) and it’s been great rediscovering them in the RF, with the top down.
I picked it up at the end of July and have already put about 3K miles on over the Summer (holidaying from home).

Would be great to make some new driving friends.



Hi Steve and welcome from Nottinghamshire… I remember seeing the pics of your new car from Line of Duty. Is a nice little footnote you can speak of about your MX-5! :slight_smile: Am sure you’ll not only love, but truly enjoy it…


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Hi Steve,
And welcome. I hope you are enjoying your new car as much as I am mine.
I also moved from a TT and an M3 before that. It is amazing that having lost over 100hp on each change the MX5 is the best fun.
I have driven in your part of the world on business in the past but looking forward to spending some time over there soon. It is a beautiful area.

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Hi Steve , you are spoilt for choice with many great roads in our area (Darlo lad). My old mk 2 Icon
1.8 is the nearest thing to a 4 wheeled motor bike. Enjoy

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Thanks for the welcoming replies all :slight_smile:

Are any/all of you members of the Owners Club.
I’ve just joined the forum currently to find out activities in our area.
I have see the 2 nearest ones to me are:

Tyne Tees looks to be the most active currently.


Welcome to the forum Steve.
Lovely car, and famous too!
We also have great roads here in Cumbria, and local club activities have resumed. My work has so far stopped me from attending any event, but I still enjoy the other benefits of being a club member.
By the way, I didn’t know forum members could see planned club events. But I am sure you will soon be meeting like minded people.

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Mine was a Mazda UK demo car as well, with only 1400 miles when i bought ir.

Enjoy the car.

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Welcome to MX5 ownership!
I’m from Richmondshire too, although currently residing in Berkshire. I’ll be up home in a couple of weeks’ time so I’ll look out for you (doubt I’ll be in my MX5) :grinning:.
My partner traded his MX5 in for an Audi TTS and even though he likes the power, comfort and reliability of having a newer car the TTS is a bit soulless and he.misses his MX5. Sounds like you feel you’ve made the right decision.

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welcome steve.

im a new mx5 owner and forum member too.
because iv only been a member for about 1 week there isnt much i can say,
one thing i can say is, that this really is the place for mx5 owners and that the people here super helpfull.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the new(er) replies - apologies I have neglected the forum!

I need to start engaging with some of the local (to me) groups.

Cheers, Steve.