New member from outside stirling hi

Hello all, new member from alloa, been lurking for a while and finally thought id make a post

Got a MK1 1.8 import in su classic red in decent condition, had it for a long time now but around 5 years ago I got a bit of work done to it and the engine died, so a mate swapped the engine and after that it never started and went into my mum’s garage and lived there untouched since

So I recently bought a house and built a garage and now I can play with it a such as possible

So in the past 4 odd weeks of having it back I’ve gotten the engine running - timing was 180 degrees out and the cam angle sensor was just jammed in with the alignment bolt
Welded the rear sill, the inner sill was totally solid which was ideal, the car had been resprayed before I got it so it’s a shame there was a £2 sized hole in the outer sill

Fitted a skidnation coolant reroute, fitted switchback led sidelights/indicstors, a new window regulator and sorted the rev9 door bushes so you don’t have to shoulder barge the doors to get out

I have a full g19 turbo kit with ev14s and an aem wideband sitting there as it has done now for about a year, I got one of the very last kits before they sold the rights to Motorsport electronic

Once I’ve finalised that the skidnation reroute isn’t pissing fluid and the sill finished I’ll get the me221 in and run it na on the basemap and see if I can get the wideband in and working and an oil pressure/temp guage from bofi before boost and itl be some jobs ticked off the to do list before it all begins

I had lost the v5 so waiting on a new one coming back, once there’s some stonechip on the sills and the v5s back itl almost mot worthy!

So plan is run it around before winter, prove the engine can take a pounding and then do boost over winter

I also very into my renaults and have a very decently track/road clio 182 with many carbon parts, fancy inlets and cams, polybushed everything blahblahblah

And an 8 month old husky pup called nook

tl;Dr - old 1.8 import revived for boost - is red


Lot of work going on there. Glad to see the dog can spin a screwdriver.

Welcome to the group.

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Thanks! You mean glad to see the tool thief can steal a tool (or anything else laying around for a chase!) He’s actually quite good he’s got his divot in the driveway he likes to sleep in whilst I tinker :joy:

Plenty going on now after absolutely 0 progress for a few years, coming across all the wee bits that needed done like fitting the rocker cover from my old JDM engine so that I can have mounts for the coil pack bracket, new rocker seals and cas oring, plugs leads and other bits, might spend the day cleaning up the bay as it’s DISGUSTEN and I do love a fresh bay, the clio for being rather tracky for a daily now is still clean as hell

Hopefully get some meets or something soon, the central Scotland section doesn’t appear to be very busy though

Hi Ben.

Pretty impressive stuff there.
Afraid the Mx5Scotland “wing” of the OC had to be assimilated here due to lack of use.
Used to thrive years back but hey-ho.
I’m 10 mins over the bridge in Falkirk.
Got a '93 BRG Mk1, and a 2002 Mk2.5…had them 15 years now.
Anyway, maybe have a burger & coffee at Teresa’s van oppo St Mungo’s school sometime …or summat…and talk Roadster rollocks.

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That’s awesome man! I’ll need to come over the bridge as an excuse to go to the rumbling tum, as soon as I get my v5 back (4-6 weeks :broken_heart::face_vomiting:) and pass an MOT I’ll be out and about and available for van hunting :grimacing:
Maybe be able to get some of the other Scottish areas on the go, I knew a few people with mx5s but not many, I have a friend in falkirk with a black MK1 aswell so I’m sure there’s enough people for coffee and banter!

I just seen there that autobrite direct are opening up a huge store near Stirling, if it’s like the store they have down south itl have a huge snack area and this appeals greatly to me as I’ve been a huge fan of autobrite products and snacks for a long time, so potential meeting area there!

Scottish section revival is a go :checkered_flag: :joy:

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The Mk1 mini-“revival” bit maybe Ben. :wink:
When the time comes, happy to meet up…if it’s dry.
The Mk1 goes nowhere if it’s raining…just blew 4k last year on a chassis & rot resto so you’d understand why hopefully.
Not a lot of us left now.

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Understandable! Mines will be much the same, it’s been dry stored for 5 years at this point so it’s got a good no rain streak, hopefully I can get all my bits done and mot’d before the mediocre weather gets worse for winter or itl end up being next year before I can prove the engine works

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Roger that.
K.I.T. in due course then.

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I’ve PM’d you with some FOC bits I think would prove of use to you Ben.
Just need them gone.

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Awesome man thank you very much! This forums full of gidn’s!

Give us a shout if you are headings too Teresa’s, I’m fairly new here too and based in Larbert. It would be good to meet some of you guys!


Really hope I get my v5 back asap and get it on the road, I must experience Teresa’s!

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Welcome Ben. You will get on great with Robin (Scottishfiver), never met him but he’s a good pal anyway. Allow plenty of time for the burger and coffee, he can talk for Scotland, England, the rest of the UK and most of the northern hemisphere…



:joy: hopefully meet a few new folk off this! Maybe try get some events down south at some point, my yearly blyton trip with the clio forum for cliosport festival is always the highlight of the year, ill need to see if there’s anything similar mx5 wise

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Cheeky St.
I resemble that remark.
(Usually re rust & Mk1’s lads…don’t listen to him.)

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Just 5 minutes from you Buster.

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Hi, I love a red 5! Got mine back on the road last year and met some great people on the Central Scotland Group runs. Alas it looks grim for this year. Keep up the good work


That looks braw man is that a set of autecs?

Can’t wait to crack my machine polisher out when I’m finished faffin around, my 5 requires shine

Advanti Storm S1 Titanium finish 15 x 7 et 20.

The DA polisher will make a big difference. Don’t get splatters of compound on the vinyl roof, it never wants to come off :grinning: (personal experience)

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I see 15x7 et20-35 seems to be the most approved size, I’ll hopefully pick up some rpf1s in a similar size, my ultralageras that I bought new for track wheels are a similar size so I’ll try em on the 5 soon,
I’ve had similar experience on some old Porsches, detailer at heart, even track cars must be shiny! :joy:

I think I’m gunna take the soft top out of mines as it’s missing the window anyway so it won’t be of much use regardless, might replace it later on at some point if a nice one comes up cheap