New member from the Solent Area - no car - yet!

Hi all,

After years of riding bikes - I’ve hung up my leathers (due to health reasons) and I’m venturing into sports cars.  As a CX-5 owner it only seems right and proper that I look for an MX-5!  To that end I’m looking for a MK2.5.  I’m currently searching Autotrader and Motors, but I haven’t found anything yet. Ideally I want a hard top as well (wishful thinkng?) so I can use it in all weathers. Apart from Autotrader and Motors can anyone suggest anywhere else to look?  eBay can be a minefield I believe.  

I’m a 57 year old mobile computer engineer - the CX-5 is a company lease car - so although the MX won’t be my main car, it will be used most weekends, and I’m really looking to do some long distance meet ups.

Once I’m an owner I will join the club, and I look forward to meeting some of you from the Solent (and further afield) area.

If I may ask a technical question?  Why do some cars have 3 spoke (original) steering wheels and some have 4?  I thought it might be due to the air bag, or the car model, but I’ve seen MK2 & MK2.5’s with 3 and 4 spoke wheels - is there a reason for this?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to meet some of you soon.

Alan aka Rufus T.Firefly 

Hello and welcome Alan

Thanks Norkie!

Welcome Alan! Why not a MK1?



Hi Flashburn,

I really like the looks of the Mk2.5, and I would have thought that there are a lot of Mk1’s with rust problems - however I am open to all options and suggestions - is there good reasons why I should go for a Mk1?

Welcome to the addiction.

There’s no reason to go for one MK over another apart from what you fancy.

Good luck with the search, don’t discount ebay though.

I’m looking at eBay as we speak and have seen a red MK2.5 for £1k - part of me says thats too cheap though, or am I being a too cautious?

Welcome to the search!

My advice would be to do the research on the issues (rusty rear arches & front chassis rails, wet interiors, grumbly diffs and gearboxes etc) then put a list together of what you want as far as spec is concerned (LSD, sport suspension, leather interior etc) then do a few test drives & look at LOADS of cars.

From my experience of letting my heart rule my head & buying a cosmetically pretty but mechanically poor car, research is the key thing.

I think the three-spoke you have seen is mainly fitted to the sportier models & it was the more basic versions that came with a four spoke wheel. I prefer the Nardi three spoke - but it is very much down to personal taste - find what you want & if you like it - go for it. I’ve not been happier since I got my Euphonic, even spent all Saturday cleaning it!! 

Hello Alan, welcome to the forum.

Bienvenue d’un Français

Hi Alan, welcome on board and good luck with the search; don’t rush into anything, there are plenty about! I’m a three-spoke man myself… 

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcome(s)!

I went and had a look at a MK2 in British Racing Green very near where I live, and the dealer wanted £995 but the roof, wings, boot, bonnet and rear arches are all in a very poor state - lovely colour though! :wink:

I shall keep looking and as Toolman said, I won’t let my heart rule my head.

If anyone spots a MK2.5 around £1500, please PM me!

Thanks again guys


Hello Alan and welcome     I have a mk1 and a mk2 my favourite is …The Mk1. 

Just had a quick look on Gumtree and there are a few popping up in your target price bracket.
Beware of any body-kits hiding the dreaded tin worm though!!!

Thanks Toolman,

I’ll check Gumtree out - I always forget they sell cars - let’s hope I can get one without tin worm.

Hi Alan, No real reason really - I just like the pop up lights :slight_smile: I believe the mk 2.5 is known to have the biggest rust problems. If you do fancy a MK1 then go for a Jap import, the more recently imported the better as they don’t salt their roads so there will be much less rust - also their “MOT” is much stricter than ours. 

Whatever you do go for you will love it - I am in Bournemouth so not too far from you, not an expert at all but feel free to PM me if you need any info!



Thanks Flash(?) - I really appreciate that!

I’ve been trawling ads for the last few days (sounds bad doesn’t it) but I can’t seem to find something that ticks all the boxes. I was gutted yesterday as I just missed out on a Trilogy!!

Hey ho something will come along (I hope)


Keep looking - it took me 4 months to find my Euphonic!
Looked a t a couple of the Trilogy’s - but found out they don’t have the limited slip diff, which I wanted for track days!
It will be worth it.
I found this website really useful

Thanks Toolman,

The Euphonic is all about the sound system isn’t it? That and the odd coloured seats… ??