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Hi all. I’ve just up-graded to a 2018 MX5 2.0 Sport Nav from a 2015 Porsche Boxster 2.7 PDK. That might sound a bit odd but I never ‘bonded’ with the porker, it was all a bit too digital for me and I’m enjoying the MX5 more after 2 days than I did the Boxster after 14 months.

I’ve already got a number of questions, no doubt someone will correct me if I’m asking them in the wrong forum area.

First, I drove an ND soon after they came out and I recall being underwhelmed by the engine’s willingness to rev. This one loves to go chasing the limiter, did Mazda change the engine? I’m wondering if the engine’s been remapped if the answer is ‘no’.

No 2, does the TC switch disable TC 100% or not?

Finally (ftb!), is my research correct in that the LSD is mechanical, not electrical? (Someone told me it’s the latter).


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Sorry can’t help you with your questions

I am sure the 2l engine was upgraded but I am not an expert on when or by how much

But Totally agree with you these are fantastic cars, rewarding to drive and unlike more powerful exotic machines I think you can actually enjoy them on the road

Mine has done about 900 miles now and they have all been fun

Greetings from Kingston Park

Yes, the Boxster never approached its limits unless at speeds that were licence-risking, and there’s little enjoyment in that.

Do you go to the local meets?

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire.
The 2019 MX-5ND (from 68 reg) has the upgraded and more free-revving 2 litre engine. :smiley:


No don’t do any of the local meets, I have two young kids and actually doing anything is a total luxury!

Thanks for the welcome.
Mine’s an early 18 so it won’t have the improved motor, which reinforces my view that it’s been ‘played with’! I’m going to get it dyno’d so I know where my starting point is.

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Just got back from the rolling road session and I’m even more confused. The engine is making 10bhp more than standard but it’s slightly down on torque. Seems a strange ‘tune’ to me!

Where did you buy it from, unlikely it’s been tuned, any aftermarket parts on it?

Might just have been well looked after and serviced, and run on V Power fuel maybe.

Bought it from a garage, not privately. No aftermarket parts that I can see, poor remap or just a good engine. I know it’s been used on trackday(s), maybe it’s just well loosened up.

Is it VU18JJV?

Might be! F*ck, what are you going to tell me?!

If it is that’s my old car. Totally stock, just well looked after, full Mazda history, I had the gearbox and diff oil changed at the last service, ran it always on Shell V power.

Lovely straight car, only sold it because we’re buying a new house.

I’m 49, so no boy racer, always drove it sympathetically.


That’s a relief, compared to “I always drove it like I stole it, thrashed it to within an inch of its life”!!

Seriously, that’s good to know and I am enjoying it (and continuing to use V Power, although I’m not sure whether or not the ECU can manage to detect it’s 98/99 RON and adjust the settings accordingly. If it can, maybe that’s the 170 brake explained).

Interesting to hear it’s developing more than stock, but it’s well run in now I guess.
I’ve got a CX-5 with the same engine and that was very tight until about 6k miles then it loosened up.

If you want a bit more, maybe consider one of the BBR kits.
I’d be a bit nervous as they reckon the gearbox on the ND isn’t that strong, but that one seemed ok, even better after the oil change.

I bought it direct from the 1st owner in Cheltenham, it was supplied in Cheltenham then serviced at Johnson’s Mazda Gloucester.

I cleaned up the underside and rear suspension and subframe also.

That explains why it looks so clean underneath! I’m thinking of an annual application of AFC50 if I decide to keep it long term. That will depend on whether or not I decide to go with the Super 200 BBR kit, which I’ve enquired about but am still awaiting a reply. The torque increase it produces isn’t massive so hopefully the gearbox will be up to it. TBH I just want the responses to be a bit more dynamic, I doubt I’ll want to wring its neck (cliché central this afternoon!) unless I take it on a track day and, even then, I’m mechanically sympathetic - most of the time.

What I’ve just written has made me think - perhaps I don’t need more than the Super 190 kit.

Is it a daily driver or just a fun summer car?

The BBR kits are good, but the further you go, it gets too expensive, I think then you’re better off with a more powerful car to start with.

Interestingly, I had a Cayman previously, and also found the MX-5 much more fun and easier to live with, no big repair bills also, the Cayman was just at that point 10 years where everything needed doing, as Blackadder said, like a Pelican, everywhere you just see a big bill!

Fun car, but not necessarily just summer.

I don’t want a much more powerful car, I ditched the Boxster (and before that a TVR Griffith, AM V8V etc) just because they’re too much for modern road conditions. I’m seeking the throttle response and ‘rort’ of a well sorted carb’ed engine like those I had in my 20s/30s but without the need for constant attention. The Super 190 might be the answer.

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