New Mx member 20th Anniversary white

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Hello and Welcome to the MX-5 Owners Club forum we’re delighted that you’re here and share the passion for all things MX-5 that bought us all here for the first time at some point.

Posting here assumes that you heave read, understood and agree to the forum rules which are linked here:

It would be helpful if in your introduction you mention which model of MX-5 you have.

Oh and we really like photos of MX-5’s here and this forum makes it very easy to share them so why not show us your pride and joy too?

Happy Posting!
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Nice car - welcome to the club and I am sure we all hope that you enjoy your driving and that you get to do some!!

Remember it is the law that if it is not raining (too much) the hood should be down!!

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I always drop hood if not wet drove home from work Tuesday 3 degrees beany on thermal coat heaters on knees was amazing

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Hi and welcome !

Nice looking car, welcome to the club.

Welcome, lovely looking car!

NC’s always look so handsome…