New Steering wheel from Royal Steering Wheels

 Its amazing how much a slight difference over OEM really makes a difference.

Mazda MX5 MK 3.5 - Slightly thicker (2mm), Thumb grips added, Perforated leather on sides, Nappa top & bottom + Grey centre stripe, Grey stitching



Very nice, I am saving our pennies for one of those.

I’m about to do the same after seeing a fellow NWM owners wheel.

Out of interest how did you go about it? Only I’m thinking of buying a 2nd hand wheel and getting that done then swapping over and selling my wheel afterwards.

Did you fit the wheel, if so how difficult was it?


Cheers, Vaughan

It’s really easy. You email Jack with your requirements , Year and model of the car, tell him you want an EXCHANGE

He replies with confirmation he has a steering wheel in stock.

You pay £250 via PayPal , he completes your wheel. Sends you it . You fit the new wheel and plastics off your old wheel and send him your old wheel back in the same box.

He refunds you £100 via PayPal 

Fitting is easy but I had to get a Mazda Dealer to do it as my car was under warranty with another dealer and they told me to have a qualified tech install it as to not compromise the current warranty.

My old wheel is ready to sent back 


It looks awesome Easyrider,

I imagine it feels great.



100euro here in Dublin plus postage .I have got approx 6 done and al perfect incl any colour or mixed colours, of threading and several types of smooth /perforated leather and can do multi coloured wheels for 10AE etc

Feels Very substantial 


They do a great job, I have the same one as you but with red stripe & stitching. 


I bought a cover for about £6 from internet, it took 4 hours to stick it then fit to trim then see it but looks fantastic

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The one I got isn’t there now but this one is. I think they get a load and sell them till gone, getting cheaper when less there


What was your steering wheel like as original??

Was it leather already??

Yeh, my car is a 2.0 with few extras I think. Got full leather etc. Steering wheel was a bit shiny, I’d cleaned it up in past but never satisfied. I’d considered a Royal steering job but the price put me off for an old car. The mr steering ones look a bit in finished around spokes. I was concerned about making it bigger but if anything it feels smaller now as it’s a bit fatter!!!

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Dunno how my post got on this thread but full one with more pics is on the main “ what have you done today”

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