Newbie Checking in from High Wycombe

Hi All,

Cecking in as a new member.

Just purchased my second MX5, a lovely low mileage, pristine, early NC (2006). A 2.0i Sport in grey. It’s bloody lovely, and so much fun to drive. All still original, including the gunk for the puncture repair kit, bagged and unused. Still had the original tyres on, but I’ve obviously had to replace them :slight_smile: :rofl:

I’m based near High Wycome and have been driving 2 seat convertibles since I took the plunge and got my first MX5 15 years ago, a “T” reg NB in British Racing Green. It’s a shame I was stupid enough to sell it after a couple of years ownership… :frowning:

I look forward to chatting with you all and to be able to pull sage advice from your wise heads.

Cheers for now


Welcome to the club, great looking 5 :+1:

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Hello and welcome from North Nottinghamshire Paul… Lovely car - The NC looks great in that colour - I used to demo lots of NC’s when I worked at a Mazda dealership - Surprisingly, many bought-in to this wonderful roadster :slight_smile: Got my first in in July last year :slight_smile:

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So, is your nc as good as your nb was?

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Check if it has an expiry date, it probably has!

Welcome to the group I am on my 6th 5 :+1:


There’s quite a gap between the 2, so it’s hard to do a direct comparison., and it’s probably a bit early to know if the NC is a better car or not. Only had it 5 days…
Both have a very good smiles per mile ratio :slight_smile:
I’m a rather tall chap, at 6’4" these cars are rather snug. I think the NC is roomier.

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The gunk definitely has an expiry date. It was some point back in 2010. Perhaps I’d best think about replacing that too! :thinking:

Thanks for the warm welcome chaps


Also 6’ 4" NC and NA are the roomiest :slight_smile: I can squeeze into an ND Soft Top but the RF was a bit tight so have avoided that. My history is (NA[now an Exocet], NC(Sport Graphite), NC(25AE), ND(1.5),ND(2.0),ND2(1.5) :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a lot of MX5’s :slight_smile:
I’m considering the Jass Performance seat lowing kit to give me the extra headroom.
An extra 2.5" would be very welcome!

Wow that’s a great looking car

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From sunny Oxfordshire

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Welcome to the club and enjoy your car - looks great!!

Are you planning on keeping it like it is - there is no need to change it - or are you going to join everyone else and make unnecessary upgrades to make the car more personal, but will enable you to spend money on your car?

A stubby aerial is a good thing to get - easy to fit and removes the large current one!! got to start somewhere… I have no link to them, but already bought one for my new car that doesn’t arrive for 2 weeks…

Aerial, stubby (


@snelly Thanks. I’ve been very lucky finding such a good one.

Lowering the seat is my first concern. That and making sure I lose any rust hiding underneath :slight_smile:

I may change the aerial, but to be honest, I like the look of the long whippy ones.

Fair enough - get the seat done and enjoy the car - there will be plenty of time to find something to spend your money on! Definitely not compulsory though, unlike making sure the hood is down when driving, unless its raining…

I have just fitted the 2.5” Jass seat lowering kit on both seats in my NC. Feel free to message me if you want any tips.

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@PDQ I’ve just posted on how I did this.

Was quite a faf getting everything lined up and fitting properly. I have some of the ball bearing races come out right at the death when putting the seat back in. Couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get them back in, and now my inner rail jams. Not very happy with it and will need to take it out again and sort the rail out at some point :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi Paul.

You’re just down the road from Wheels In Motion in Chesham.
Consider taking an (essential) trip over there and having the Eibach lowering springs fitted and a full geometry setup done. I had this for my 2006 NC sport a couple of weeks ago and it really is worthwhile. Handling and feel of the car is so much better and you’ll find similar comments throughout the forum.

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