Newbie from Essex says hello


I got my Mk 3.5 2 litre Sport Tech hard top in November. To hell with lockdown!!!

It’s my first convertible and i’m loving it, even in the cold weather. I’ve had the top down on several occasions, it’s such a buzz!

My previous cars range from a Fiesta XR2i to a Subaru Impreza WRX. Probably the closest in feel to the MX5 has been a Mitsubishi FTO.

Looking forward to warmer and dryer weather when i can try turning the traction control off for i bit more fun.


Welcome to the club! Spring is not far off now so not long to wait for the extra fun…

Hello and welcome from South Essex!
PS: That’s a Mk.4 behind your Mk.3.5 isn’t it? Not yours?

Hello and welcome from North Nottinghamshire… Nice car, though I’m biased, so prefer the ND in the background! :slight_smile: Rob

The photo is from the place i bought mine, Prestige Vehicle Consultants. They mainly sell low mileage MX5s, hence the other one in the background. Although mine is 11 years old, it had only done 30,000 miles.

Although I bought my ND2 from elsewhere… PVC do seem to keep a stock of really nice MX-5’s… From some of the posts I have read on here, think they have a good reputation… Rob

Welcome to the fold, might see you about as I’m from Essex

Welcome from West Essex.

Welcome and great colour by the way :+1:

Thanks everyone. Hope to see some of you when the restrictions are over.

Welcome from Essex :+1:

Welcome! Nice looking car

Another welcome from Essex here . I took ours out today ( charge the battery officer) beautiful early spring sunshine with top down , fantastic.

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