Newby from Devon

Hi All - just a quick hello to the community. I own a Mk 2.5 sport which is about to come out of hibernation! Will upload some photos she’s had a wash and blow dry. Would love to hear from others nearby!

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Welcome to the club ,where abouts are you in sunny Devon.
I’m in Tavistock and come under the “Cornwall Fivers” hope to see you at a future event when we can.

Welcome from Execeter… :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome from a next door neighbour in Dorset. Owned a mk2 in the past, lovely car.

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Thanks for the welcome, hoping to get the beastie out for an airing and will hopefully post a piccie or 2. Once I’ve finished the laminate flooring… :joy:

Welcome, and Im not too far away… Northumberland :joy:

But hey nowheres too far to drive the 5 !

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Welcome from Warwickshire @AndyMan1 , great location Devon and you have a great car to enjoy it.

You still haven’t told us whhereabouts you’re based in Devon… :confused:

Going for the MOT this morning! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

I am on holiday near Torquay at the moment and there are quite a few nice examples parked around the place. Sadly not been the weather for it the last few days!

Oh dear, not the best time to be on holiday in Torquay .
The weather’s been really awful :confused:

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Good luck :slight_smile:

Yep but still, better than work :slight_smile:

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Passed!! £19.71 @ Kwik Fit. They have a deal on atm, celebrating 50 yrs, apparently. Hence the price! :rofl::rofl:


I’m also in Tavistock, who do you use for Most and servicing ?

Welcome to Devon!

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Who do you use for MOT servicing mate?

Errr… just me? And just not too many miles? Does that answer it?

Was asking where the Devon people go for servicing and MOT, I’m Tavistock

Oh, I see… To be fair, I have only recent moved to Devon so I’m probably not the best person to ask. I have had mine for 10 yrs now and during that time have only covered 5K, any routine stuff (including an exhaust mod) I’ve just done myself, although I plan to give it a proper service soon myself. Look forward to a spin soon, I’m Tiverton.

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