No Cars on stands?

I am not an area co-ordinator, member of the committee or a trader, I am an MX5 owner and enthusiast and a member of the OC

I won’t be going to the Spring Rally. even though it’s on 30 miles from me - I travelled 200 miles each way for Gaydon last year and spend two nights in a hotel and loved every second.

I attended Gaydon with Phoenix 5’s last year and had an AWESOME time. I got my car in May of last year and went to every show/event that I could squeeze in, some with other forum’s some with Phoenix 5s and enjoyed having my car on a stand, but mainly being able to look around the other cars on the P5 stand as well as all of those of the other regions, and in the case of Gaydon the colour coded display. 

My personal opinion, and it is just that… and I am sure that I will be shot down for it, is that car shows are all about the cars, not about tea and biscuits or the full English breakfast served up… it’s about being part of or visiting a car show/rally. Being able to chat to the proud owner standing near his/her car and asking what polish they use, how long it took to find their throttle bodies or how long did their seats take to condition to get them looking so good. It’s also about being able to get inspiration and ideas from seeing the great work that other people have done. 

I do enjoy a show & shine competition and watching live motor sport - whilst not my thing really - is fun with good company, but the highlight of any MX5 event is the attendees cars, it’s also about the build-up, the cleaning, getting parts fitted, polishing… it’s about being able to be proud of my car and show off a bit, if I am honest. 

Not having cars on the stands - again IMHO is a huge error in judgement It’s fine to say that having area stands is a great way to have people mingle, but how - about what… I am not going to walk up to a group of people sitting round a table chatting and say hi - nice flask - or how long did it take to get the mustard so smooth on your ham and cheese sandwich - of course not. 

Now I suppose if you are and AC or on the executive and know a lot of people, or they will come to you, or you are of a certain age and find flasks and tupperware interesting then I bet this is the ideal show - but not for me… so… sadly tbh as I enjoyed Gaydon so much. I shall pass. 

If the reason why there are no cars on is - as I believe - to do with the logistics of the venue, then perhaps it was/is not the right venue for a rally. I appreciate that every event will not suit every member, however I have a feeling I am not alone in this opinion.

I won’t be surprised if the carpark of the rally will be more busy/buzzing than the rally itself as if I were to go, I have a feeling that’s where I would probably be spending my time. 

Again, some may see this a negative, but it’s not - it’s the voice of one paying club member, and a newish one at that who feels that this event does not really represent me.

Have a great time - I hope I am wrong and it’s awesome. 

FFS take a breath, and have a chill pill,My god.


Well, I suppose the big problem here is that all your suppositions are just that, unless you go along you will not be able to make a definitive statement and you may miss the best event ever, you will never know.

I am coming a whole lot further than 30 miles, on my own as my wife has a Horse training course that conflicts with the rally , but that will allow room in the car for the membership gazebo that I will be manning during the rally, come and say hello.

I will not be bringing a thermos or sandwiches by the way! Roll Eyes

Hi Wayne. 

I am completely chilled and took several breaths while writing and come to think of it since. 

It’s not a rant, I’m not riled or annoyed and - what’s the expression - venting my spleen. 

I know it doesn’t seem that way a lot of the time, but some people use the internet to post measured and thought through comments that they (in this case I) consider to be constructive. 


Can’t say that a non-constructive response is a total surprise tho. 


Hi, to a point I agree with your sentiment but not your content. The whole point is that there will still be a whole car park full of mx5’s in many differing guises. That’s why I go every year, and, as a new owner or existing owner that’s the place to see all those ideas you may want to put into practice on your own car somewhere in that car park. That’s the place where you can then choose whether or not to do the change if you like it in the flesh or not.

On a personal note I don’t think the venues have been as good for the Spring Rally as Pitlochry a couple of years ago, what a weekend. It’s not the venue, lets face it who couldn’t like Brooklands, but the fact many live so close they travel on the day so there’s little happening as a group locally until the event.

But I will also be going to support the people who have spent time and effort to arrange it. It could be with all the coming and going leading up to this rally it may not be a suitable venue for the future, but that’s the venue not the event.

Sorry for going on a bit and I really hope you will change your thoughts on attending.


Hi Uniform Jamie,

I have to disagree with you.

There will be cars on stands at this Spring Rally, i.e. the new MK4 and the car competitions. At Gaydon I enjoyed walking around the Mx-5’s in the carpark.

Personally I prefer moving cars and look forward to Mx-5’s arriving, leaving and the race cars racing at Oulton Park.

And I find it’s a bit early for you to judge this chosen Spring Rally venue - come along and enjoy the day




I am sure it will be well attended - it’s a landmark event and I am sure that the MX5 parts stand will be awesome and the traders will also be a huge draw for many. 

I get that the MX5 parking is trying to have all of the 5’s somewhere where they are together, but with the owners having a brew in their area stands then the fun of talking to the owners is lost, also I assume most won’t leave their bonnets open in a carpark. 

Like I said, I am not a nae-sayer or a “it’ll never work” person, I rolled up my sleeves and helped with marshalling at Gaydon and my car was one of the last to leave, but as I said the thought behind this one doesn’t float my boat. 

I appreciate the hardwork done by Ian and everyone else to put on events and know that that trying to please everyone is like trying to please everyone is like trying to eat jelly with chopsticks. I wanted to make my reasons for not coming known rather than just not turning up as this could be because my car wouldn’t start or prior engagement, and hope that the fact I am no ranting or throwing toys shows I want this to be a constructive comment from a member, not a “dig”


From what I can recall Area stands with cars on them (which I assume is the issue here)  have been done only twice now in the Clubs history, the National at Sandringham and last year at Gaydon. Every other event its been a large field/carpark, or wherever with all the MX-5s parked up, some times in the middle of a venue sometimes in car parks. Some groups still manage to park together, some still have the bonnets up and hang around to chat over the cars. And I don’t know detailed arrangements for Oulton but I assume we all drive in and are parked up around the paddock and other areas, a bit like we were all squeezed in at Brooklands. So I don’t see how this event can fall short of anyones expectations until they get there and experience it. 

Martin - my only event was Gaydon and it was awesome, I was a member of the Saab Owners Club for a long time - but the bit that was awesome about Gaydon and other non-OC events was the cars on stands and the colour coded parking, I know that won’t happen all the time, and as a Mk2 owner I’m not really involved in that anyway, however. The way I see it, there are two ways to go. Either stands with Parking or as you said a large paddock where the regions then park up together and then erect their marque or whatever with the cars. Again all I am saying is the focus seems to be on tea and biscuits with one’s local group rather than the member cars. 

I am sure that it will suit a lot, if not most members and I accept each to their own, however if no-one puts forward an alternative position when they feel it, then the status-quo continues unimpeded 






My understanding is also that the area “shelters” are just to form a meeting point for people who will be arriving at all sorts of different times and not little xenophobic islands where people are going for tea and to pull up a draw bridge. 

Personally I think you disrespect the people and decisions that have lead to this arrangement and the people that you are suggesting are going to be bringing their Tupperware to exhibit.

But James, there is no status quo. Every rally is very different, they all fit the venue. In Cornwall we were all parked up on the grass in the middle of a castle which was awesome. At Brooklands we filled the old race circuit banking and every other last nook and cranny of the venue with MX-5s, again awesome… I don’t know what to expect at Oulton Park, but I’m excited about going, as I anticipate something difference yet again , and seeing old friends, new friends, old MX-5s, new MX-5s, shiney display MX-5s, some ratty but very cool motorsport MX-5s, some slammed MX-5s, some with massive spoilers, some with lots of bling,  THE new MX-5, racing MX-5s etc etc,  and no way can I prejudge that until I’ve been there…  You will miss out if you don’t go… 

 I hope that is the case, however I would expect that there will be a lot of folding chairs and tables and a lot of small groups of people chatting amongst each other. I sat with Ian at Blyton last year while several members complained that their local OC meets/events were more about pub meals than the cars themselves, seperating the cars from a national event seems like more of this. 

I appreciate your opinion but don’t feel I am being disrespectful, merely stating an opinion.



What I expect is a load of people sitting around tables in marquees, having a thoroughly good time with their local area friends- a car park full of MX5s, with the exception of the ones in the competitions. I would actually rather every inch of the place was crammed with MX5s and the owners with them rather than them being parked in the carpark and all the owners somewhere else. 

I am sure that everyone will have an awesome time, and I look forward to Blyton, Retro Rides and JF2 all of which I will be attending with Phoenix 5s. 

It’s not an anti OC sentiment at all, just a doesn’t sound appealing one. 






And your opinion is respected. But I know from what I am being told over 1600 people disagree and have ordered their tickets… 

So come along, take the risk, and if you’re correct at the end of the rally day feel fully justified to post “I TOLD YOU SO” in this thread… 


Thing is - I am one of the 1600 ticket orders - as I was unaware of the parking situation… 

I think a lot of people are going for “a little while” unlike Gaydon which I pretty much had to be dragged from. 


My personal preference is members with cars- that is all. 


I want one of those MX-5s, folding chairs and tables! 

Bloody boot is full when I put my camera gear in it 


Many many hours have been given up by the local area organising team to give a rally that is not like any other previously, many scenarios were discussed  just goes to show how wrong the team can be, when even before the event we have a ‘It’s not for me’

Must be a big camera. I got a 5 man tent and camping gear in along with beer for events last year. 


The thing is. Many many hours go into planning every event where a lot of people are going. I am merely saying that the event is missing the very thing that I enjoyed most about Gaydon and that seems to me to mean my weekend will be spent somewhere else  I may be wrong. I often am.