Norfolk Five's classics at Glemham hall Sunday 4th September

Hi Peter & Allie.
You are more than welcome to join us if you would like, you can convoy with us then you can be parked up with us on our stand if you want to?
Many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you.

Hi, apologies for the late notice. I have my ticket please can you add me to your list. Beccles is in the opposite direction for me (north), Glemham is south. I am aiming to meet up with one or two others at Friday St so will try to join as you all drive past if this is ok? Thanks Nic

Listerine, checking in. 🫡

Hi Nic,
Yea it fine join us on route there is no point going the wrong way to then come back on yourself, we have a few other members join along route. I will post the route up nearer the time then you can join the convoy as we come past.
Many thanks Chris and see you soon.

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Hi Brendan, i have now added you to the list look forward to seeing the listerine machine.
Many thanks chris

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Hi Chris ,bought tickets for Glemham,please add Claire and myself to list.
Many Thanks David

Hi David, i have now added you to the list. Look forward to seeing you both Chris.

Hi Chris,thanks for that,sorry we cant make run on Friday,sounded great sure it will be great fun.