Norfolk Five's Friday evening coastal cruise 10th June

Fire up the Five’s its Norfolk Five’s friday coastal cruise. Make the most of the lighter nights and join us on one of our Friday night runs for fish and chip’s.
This years first friday night run is going to be going to Cromer for some delicious Fish and chips.

We will be starting at B&Q boundary Road norwich NR65JS arrive from 6:10 to leave at 6:20
We will then take a scenic drive to cromer aiming to arrive just before 7.30, we will be parking at the runton road cliff top car park NR27 9AU, i belive it is free parking after 6 but please check on arrival.

there is a choice of different chip shops or takeaway depending what you want.
Our Friday night runs have been hugley popular in the past and we have a few more planned throughout the year.
Please register below to secure your space many thanks Chris

  1. Chris & Katie
  2. Barry & Joan
  3. Dave P
  4. Ian F
  5. Dave E
  6. Stefan
  7. Kevin
  8. Mark W
  9. Adam T
  10. Barry F
  11. Odd job Dave
  12. Angela
  13. Jack A
  14. Sue
  15. Phil & Christine
  16. Craig & Gemma
  17. Wayne & Kim G
  18. Paul Denise
  19. Michelle
  20. David M
  21. John & Liz
  22. William & Lynda
  23. Simon & Christine
  24. Ben W
  25. Jamie (new member)
  26. Millsey & Tracey
  27. Laurie
  28. Gary F son
  29. Phill dresser
  30. Oddjob daves son
  31. Steve j
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HI Chris, we would like to join you for this run out,thanks barry and joan

yes please

Please add me to the list. Ian F.

Hi everyone, list has now been updated and look forward to seeing you all Chris.

Sounds great, would love to join you all


Please add me to the list. Oddjob Dave

Hey Chris, can I tentatively say yes to coming on the 10th (along with the boy). I’m away with work during the week so may have to meet you in Cromer (depending what time I get back).

Hi there, Can you count me in please. Kevin.

Hi Dave,
i have now added you to the list look forward to seeing you its going to be a good run.

Hi Oddjob
i have now added you to the list, i know these are one of your favourite runs.
See you soon Chris

Hi Stefan,
you are now on the list, if you cant make the start point just let me know on the day so we leave on time.
Many thanks Chris and see you soon.

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Hi Kevin,
you are now on the list look forward to seeing you.

Hi Chris, can you pop me down on the list for this one please? Hopefully I can bring the dog if I can train him not to eat the handbrake lever or drool into the central air vent before the 10th :joy:
Thanks, Angela

Hi Chris
I would love to come along to this, it would be my first meet up with the car!

Many thanks,
Jack Albrow

Hi Angela, you are now on the list with the possibility of the dog :rofl:
look forward to seeing you both and hope the handbrake survies.
Many thanks Chris

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Hi Jack, you are on now on the list, i take it you still have your grandads MX5?
Many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you.

Hi Chris,

That’s the one!
Siblings have all been paid off and the car is now mine.
Looking forward to the meet.

Hi Chris

Can you put my name on the forum please - also bringing a friend …

Many thanks

Jilly & Tony

Hi Jilly, you are now on the list look forward to seeing you.
Many thanks Chris