Norfolk Five's full steam ahead run Sunday 29th March

Norfolk Fives full steam ahead run and trip on the Bure Valley Railway.

Sunday 29th March 2020
Start time: 8.45

The event
We have a great event for you to kick off this year runs, we have organised a great run out to the Bure Valley Railway at Aylsham for morning bacon rolls, teas and coffees then for a ride on the miniature steam train to Wroxham. The Bure Valley Railway is a 15 in minimum gauge heritage railway in Norfolk, within The Broads National Park. The railway runs from Wroxham to Aylsham and is Norfolk’s longest railway of less than standard gauge. It uses both steam and diesel locomotives, there are 17 bridges one which passes over the river Bure in Buxton, and even a tunnel under the a140. It passes through some lovely scenery and is a great trip.


The plan
We plan to meet at B&Q mile cross lane for 8.45 to leave at 9.00, I have planned a great 45 minute run around some lovely twisty roads to end up at the bure valley railway for just before 10.00, at the railway you will be given your ticket which will get you a bacon roll and a choice of either tea or coffee (these are included in your ticket price)
The cost for your return ticket is £12.00 per person. Which is a amazing price for a great day out. There will even be the chance if you want to walk back some of the way from either Buxton or Brampton, But we will need to know in advance so they know to stop the train.
The train will depart at 11.00 and arrive at wroxham for 11.45 then there will be a choice of returns either 12.10 or 2.20 so you can go and explore wroxham if you want.

Due to the booking of this event once you commit to coming we will need paying as we have had to pay the railway already. This event is limited at the minute to 20 spaces If more become available I will post them up and start a reserve list. But please remember this is a paid event and it’s not fair for us on the planning team to loose out if you choose not to come.
Please register to secure your space as this will fill up fast many thanks Chris


  1. Chris
  2. Katie
  3. Nigel
  4. Liz
  5. Sue
  6. Philip
  7. Ian f
  8. Richard & Beach (1st class carriage)
  9. Dave P
    10 Paul
    11 lisa
    12 William Mack
    13 Lynda Mack
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Hi Chris.

Please add me to the list.

Many thanks


Hi ian
I have now added you to the list. It will be a great run
Many thanks chris

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Add me to the list please Chris, and Beach wants a doggy ticket - and cushions. He does have standards.

Hi richard
I have now added you and beach to the list, beach will be in first class.
Many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you both.

Hi Chris, please add me to the list :+1:t2:

Hi Dave, I have now added you to the list this will be a great run out.
Many thanks Chris

Hi Chris please can you add myself and lisa please.

Hi Chris,
Please put us down for this.
William and Lynda.

Hi paul I have now added you both to the list.
Many thanks chris

Hi William
I have now added you both to the list, look forward to seeing you both.
Many thanks Chris

Hi Chris,
Please put me on the list for this one. Cheers,

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Hi can you please add me, Susan and Lydia please

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Hi David
i will now add you to the list.
many thanks Chris

Hi Paul
i will now add the dunderbuss to the list,
Many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you all.

For those of you that don’t have Facebook, unfortunately due to the current situation this event and all others are cancelled until further notice. Please keep up to date and stay in touch via the forum and our facebook group.