Notchy gear change - selector limit plate wear on NC 6 Speed

I have the plate plus the brass bush in my glovebox…I’ll tackle this job during the winter lay up.

Is this something that affects the 5 speeds? Can’t seem to find a limiter plate for the 1.8 mk3

It’s just the 6 speed boxes AFAIK.

This is very interesting .I have a 2003 mx5 its done 50 K so i just had the gearbox oil change .The gears are still notchy in 2nd to third. I thought it was the oil but from this article it seems not.

I have swapped out the “reverse lockout plate” on my 70k miles 2.0 NC Sport Tech and the gearchanges into first from anywhere, 1st to 2nd, and 3rd to 2nd are markedly improved in their precision.

However, based upon no expert knowledge whatsoever and just looking at what I think the plate does, I cannot see how the plate can affect the changes between any other gears, with the exception of perhaps 5th to 6th and back again.

So just to get this clear once and for all, a 2008 nc 6 speed does need oil in the turret?

  • It’s just that I’ve only just convinced myself after reading around that it doesn’t!

Thanks in advance…

NC 6 speed does have a separate turret oil reservoir, yes.

Jingars is correct.

You’ve probably read about the 6 speed Mk2. That doesn’t have turret oil, infact you can fill the box from the turret, I’ve done it myself.

Ok thanks for the advice.

Strange though, the turret on mine is as clean as a whisker with no sign of previous oil. I used a good quatity of lithium grease when I changed the gator but sounds as though I’d better have another look.
2nd gear has always been tricky so maybe it will help?
Any rough guide as to how much?

Have a read here, pics too.

Thanks Mick - perfect.

“They all do that sir.” It seems. My 6 speed is a bag of spanners through 1 to 3 when cold. Lots of double declutching and patience but fine when it gets some heat into it.

When I mentioned turret oil to my mx5 specialists they just went wide eyed. As the gear box is on the back of the engine I didn’t quite get it either.

You might want try the clutch pedal adjustment too.:+1:

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Yes, the notchiness of my gearbox improved enormously when I adjusted the clutch so the biting point was no longer in the carpet.
I was also able to move the seat back to a more comfortable position.
Easy, if awkward, job too.