Number plate company to AVOID

Hey all. New on here but had my Roadster for a couple of years. I just wanted to share my terrible experience with a company called

I used their online plate builder to preview a rear plate for my Eunos Roadster (JDM size — 330x165). Just before I ordered, I noticed a tiny bit of writing (not legible in the preview — just a small blurry line) so I called to confirm what it was. The guy on the phone told me it was the BS number which is required by the DVLA by law. I figured it would look fine, but wanted to CATEGORICALLY CONFIRM that there would be no website or branding or anything else on the plate — my current plate has a website written on it that DEEPLY OFFENDS me every time I drive the car  He told me that THE ONLY TEXT other than my reg number would be the BS number, so I paid for next day delivery and waited…

My plate arrived today with not only the BS number, but also the word TENNANTS in front of it (I’ve since discovered that they’re the company that supply the actual plate). Further, and most offensively, ‘Number 1 Plates LS20 9PD’ is written below my registration. I called them immediately to ask what had happened, and the guy said ‘we need to put it there by law’. I told him I wasn’t aware of that, and reminded him that he’d told me the previous day that there would be no other text on the plate except for the legally required BS number — and that’s when it got fun. He immediately said ‘It’s the law and there’s nothing we can do’ to which I replied with a refund request. He continued to tell me that it was the law (turns out, he’s right — the supplier’s name and post code needs to be on there) and I couldn’t get my money back (£33). It didn’t matter how many times I said ‘But you told me there was no branding on it’, he just continued to pretend I’d spoken to somebody else. He wouldn’t escalate or put me through to anyone above him, and kept telling me I just had to keep the plate, so I said ‘I’ll be leaving you a negative review’ to which he then FLEW OFF THE HANDLE, telling me that I am going to get in trouble for requesting an illegal number plate, and it’s all my fault. Sufficed to say, it disintegrated into ‘You told me there was no branding!’ followed by ‘So you want an illegal plate do ya? Go call the DVLA and tell them that you are trying to get an illegal plate!’ Etc.

And so, here I am with a plate that I don’t want, and no refund, and a long and laborious story to tell. In short, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM NUMBER1PLATES.COM, unless you want to become a rolling advertisement for a company run by frustrated monkey men.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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If you want a road legal plate then the best you can hope for is small type for the legally required details.

Otherwise buy show plates and take your chance.  I don’t see the point myself, nobody else notices.


You say about feedback, if it was bought from eBay on Paypal lodge a dispute as goods not as described.

I’m confused here. Are you complaining that they didn’t sell you an illegal number plate?
My ( limited ) understanding is the plate must have the BS number and the name and postcode of the company that supplied the plate.
If you wanted a legal plate why not just go to Halfords?
It’s only £30, move on.


I doubt that would work.  The firm supplied a road legal plate as required by the DVLA AND eBay’s trading terms.  The fact that you asked for a plate that was illegal would be no excuse because you are required to order a plate that is road legal, to plead ignorance of the legal requirement is not an excuse or a defense in law.

Personally I agree with Craig, he’s a right to be disgruntled.


If you don’t know the law, proceed to ask someone who does, who then gives you bad information, who’s to blame.

You for not knowing the rules, or the guy who gave you the wrong info and false promise.


And if Craig knew that he wanted an illegal plate, proceeded to ask the right questions, but was still given the incorrect info, then that’s not his fault either.


You call a T Shirt company, ‘I’d like MX5 Club, embroidering on the front, but it won’t have any of your logos will it’ ???

No Sir.

Then when it arrives it says ‘made by the T Shirt company’ on the back.


Whether or not he was trying to source an illegal plate is irrelevent, he asked a specific question and didn’t recieve what he’d asked for.

Craig, file an indemnity claim with your card holder, get your money back.

Agree with Keat on this especially considering the cost.

Sounds a daft question but did you record the controversial telephone conversation?

I should not say this but show plates are the way to go and will be much, much cheaper.

Provided you are not being an obvious law breaker with number plates I have found that the Police are not concerned. 

Excersise your distance selling regulation rights.



Distance selling regulation rights exclude tailor made or personalised goods.


Unless they can sell this number plate to someone else i think that qualifies as tailor made



When I was looking for a ew plate to replace the dealer supplied advertising billboard, my understanding was that the BS number and manufacturer/supplier details were mandatory.

As it happens, Halfords plates hit the mark because these details are printed in a very light grey shadow on the plate and barely noticeable.

Not helpful I’m afraid. I’ve just found this:


The British Standard for number plates The British Standard sets out the characteristics of the number plate. This includes visibility, strength and reflectivity. To meet the British Standard, each number plate must be permanently and legibly marked with the: • British Standard number (currently BS AU 145d) • name, trademark or other way of identifying the manufacturer or supplier • name and postcode of the supplying outlet.


So not only the manufacturer but also the name of the seller who sold it. 

On the website mentioned by OP in their FAQ section it does not mention anything about the TENNANTS part. only the company name:



They certainly do in tiny writing at the bottom of the plates.  The details are “NUMBER1PLATES LS20 9PD BSAU 145d”. This is a legality  as it means the police or authorities can check if they are genuine and your vehicle will pass the MOT check. We do not use this for advertising that’s why we keep it so small.


You could probably complain to them based on this

I’ve been using Number1Plates for years. I really don’t see what the problem is apart from totally legal, and in my case fly-covered, plates…




Is that small (obligatory!) text what all the fuss is about?  Good grief!!!  You’d need a pair of bins or a 'scope to see it a more than 1 metre!  And who the F**k goes round reading the small print on plates anyway!!!

Lol is that it!


If that’s it then I can’t see the issue personally


As others have said its the law and every number plate supplier will do the same unless you order show plates which are not legal in the eyes of the law.I have driven many cars with illegal plates and never been stopped, my current ones are legal though, if anyone’s interested i use demon plates who make great plates legal or for show.

So small that I think it’s a stretch to construe it as material to the appearance, especially when it would be illegal without it.But good luck to the OP. 

I order them as plain and unadorned as possible - no flags, borders, GB’s, dealer advertising, or illegal spacing - but I’ve never given a thought to supplier details and the BS number in that size type.

Can you see it?

MX-5 at Castle Mey

OK the picture’s only 640 wide for the forum.  Mind, I might have to move the plate down to avoid that unsightly reversing camera

It’s not the legal text that spoils the appearance, it’s having a dirty great reflective sign in the first place.


Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. It was really a post to vent my frustration and talk about the bad customer service. As I said before, I’ve made my peace with it and that’s fine — but I was told there was no branding or other writing anywhere on the plate. When I reminded him of that, he went mad at me and started telling me to call the DVLA.

Anyway, all good. Here’s a pic of the car — thought you all might enjoy…

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You’re missing the point, man. My problem is that I was lied to then made to feel incredibly uncomfortable on the phone. He wouldn’t even admit that he had spoken to me the day before. Just feels like a company to avoid, that’s all.