Official World Record Attempt. Elvington Airfield – Sunday 20th June, 2021

We are delighted to be able announce that the World Record attempt on Sunday 20th June can go ahead. Extensive work with the local authority and the airfield to meet the challenges of the current restrictions has finally received the thumbs up.

It will come as no surprise that while restrictions remain in place across the country for that weekend, the attempt has had some restrictions imposed and this involves some important steps you need to take to attend.

Most notably the numbers on the day are capped and that has now been set at a 1000 cars. While this will still smash the existing record of 638 it is substantially lower than the numbers that attended our previous attempt just under 1600.

Pre-registration is mandatory for control and safety purposes as this Official World Record Attempt is limited to 1,000 cars maximum, if you are planning to attend and take part you will need to register your Mazda car and driver details in advance we have set up a booking system on the Club shop to handle this Links below. Pre-registration will collect your details needed by Guinness World Records as part of our evidence submission, this will also add your details to our track and trace registration.

Your Entry pass costs £10 and will include 1x Event Vehicle Pass (limited to 1000 pieces), 1x MX5 1K Woven Lanyard (limited to 1000 pieces and only issued to event drivers), 1x Record attempt sticker and 1x Official Record attempt Vehicle Windscreen sticker. A copy of the Rules and information and a Club member gift – please enter your membership number on the ticket. This will be posted securely to you approximately 5 days before the record attempt. Passes will be available up to June 15th or until they sell out.

Please make sure to enter the Model Type of the Mazda car you will be driving in the parade, we need you to record it’s Registration Number and Colour .

We came so very close last time and this time with your help we can smash the record and bring it back to the UK for all time!

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information and FAQ see the dedicated Record Attempt webpages on

Get your Pass here

Event Pass

Event Pass and Cap pack


Morning Iainf, That’s great news, unfortunately, I’m not able to make it :sob:, but would it be possible for my wife to register and drive the car with a neighbour, she’s classed as a second member on my account??

Yes no problem, it’s open to all Mazda drivers as per the terms of the Record, we just hope to smash it with MX-5s!

Brilliant, that’s great!!!, will be coming from Hull, so I’ll make sure she’s got the directions!!, she’s hopeless at navigating, but will definitely be okay going round in circles :joy: :joy:

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Tell her to just follow any group of MX5’s that day and she won’t be far off.

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True, should be at least a 1000, so she can’t go far wrong :grinning:

Can only be max 1000!

Hopefully you’ll get 1000 compliant drivers and no show-boaters to spoil the attempt this time.

Good luck to all participants. :vulcan_salute:


hi Iain,
Patricia and I are unable to make the event this yer, committed to Solent Region Local Events…

Ohh, yes, forgot :+1:

I know I’m missing something here, but how come you don’t hold the record if you had just under 1600 there previously?

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The assessment on the day refused to confirm that the conditions were met to have that number of cars, all driving together, sufficiently close etc. As a result, the bald number of cars there in the day wasn’t sufficient to get the record.

I see, thanks :+1:

Was that the 2019 attempt then?
Shame you’re limited to entrants and can’t smash it right out the arena.

Just booked myself and bally3 onto the event! :red_car::red_car:


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I’ve booked too. My first MX05 club event and I’m looking forward to it.


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Booked both my 5s.
See you all there and ‘CLOSE THAT GAP’!


Well done, that’s excellent but does it mean that if the event is oversubscribed someone else might miss out on participating? :thinking:

To answer your question, i have both my cars booked in because the lad who is driving my car has problems with his ND and it may not be back on the road in time.
He has been an OC MEMBER since April 2006 and his membership number starts 174** , and he has missed very few events in the last 15 years.


Great to hear. Well done for your generosity. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to get the chance to participate. Nice one :+1: