Oulton Park, Special stage Handling Challenge

The Club is once again offering members another fantastic and rare driving opportunity at a Club Rally.

The surface is a concrete and glass composite, which is polished smooth and then watered down for near frictionless handling, meaning the mechanics of your car and tyres are doing the work, with instruction sessions to get you going, build your confidence in your car, learn where the traction is and how to control and master a skid the little special handling circuit is a huge amount of fun, with plenty of run off and controlled environment, you will no doubt master the sliding corner.

The Sessions will be run in group format throughout the morning or afternoon. Places are limited, this is activity in your own vehicle.

  • 25 slots available in the morning and 25 slots available in the afternoon
  • Maximum 1 session per member (tickets are limited and offered on a first come basis)
  • Important a Driving license is required for this activity your place will also include your entrance ticket.
All drivers will receive specific arrival instructions and will be asked to arrive promptly, follow circuit marshal directions to the Handling Circuit parking and attend a safety and instructional briefing, have your driver license ready and a car noise limit check will be undertaken (98db) before being permitted on to the track.


Places are available through the Club store


Paid for some more sideways fun! 

I’m booked in for an afternoon session with ( much needed ) instruction. 



Iain, the cut off date in your shop is wrong.

Thanks Nick

as it is 2015 so hopped in the Delorean and managed to get a set of tickets.

Quick update - There are currently only 4 places left in the afternoon and 9 for the morning

Signed up for a morning session. Have always intended to have a go at the Oulton drift circuit, so I guess there’s no excuses if the club is running it!

Best start revising now…


That might be a little ambitious. but not impossible :-0 I am more than certain a few sideways moments are going to be had


Me too for AM session-see how well she (and me) goes


Should the handling stage tickets have arrived by now, or are they delayed due to the extra work sending out entrance tickets? 


I am still waiting on the instructions of the day coming from MSV.

The packs for track participants are sitting ready to send

Ah, saves me looking in the envelope again!

Did get my APCO proof of no criminal record if that helps :wink:






I have had a couple of drop outs over the weekend meaning there are a couple of slots for the track available both AM and PM slots available.

If you are looking to have a go on this incredible track 



We had hoped to be able to provide helmets where required by MSVs H&S requirements, but open face helmets don’t meet their guidelines, access to your own helmet would be an aid, but helmets are available to hire on the day. Event though we are undertaking a low speed, social activity in owners own vehicles we are bound by MSVs national track use guidelines.

That will grant a degree on anonymity then, just the number plate to give away the identity of the driver out of his depth 

Have the driving details been posted now.



All information is now sent. should be with you today/tomorrow, had a few things to confirm on the Afternoon timings with the circuit so there was a slight delay on the PM pack - make sure to display your windscreen marker before you get there.

Having looked at the list most, people are novice and quite right too these things are meant to be a lot of fun, and a chance to try something new - Anyone who I have talked to who has driven on this surface say it is a lot of fun and all said they would love to do it in an MX-5 with the lightweight RWD! We expect plenty of spins. It is going to be great to watch! so yes Helmets may save any blushes.

I have a a couple of comments on the paperwork - please don’t worry about the language in the disclaimers this is generic paperwork from MSV who operate 6 circuits in the UK and this is standard to apply to all their circuits - we are not running a full blown race day nothing like it, but people do and so they have to cover that off in the paperwork

We are putting on a small, limited number of cars, social event with novice folks using their own vehicles that they drive every day in a safe environment, if you go hooning about they will no doubt pick you up on it, it is all about it being a fun thing to do and watch and I am looking forward to trying to see some of it in action - should make for some great STHT pictures - so make sure to step out the rear if you see Editor Sharon trackside with the camera!



There’s no windscreen marker in my envelope with the tickets.


Go to the parking spot marked on the instructions when you arrive and come see me in the Club tent and will make sure you are where you need to be.

Cheers Iain,

Everything else is in the envelope - indemnity form etc.