Oxford Area - Keeping in Touch

As the lockdown continues it is now two months since our last Meeting so we wondered whether Members would like to post on this thread what they have been up to to alleviate the boredom and not being able to go out for a drive.

How many times have you cleaned the car, taken it out the garage etc? How many rooms have you decorated?

As Area Co-Ordinators we have nothing to report on Club Matters and are still awaiting further updates on the Annual Rallies.

Hello fellow members/friends we are both missing you all lots, miss seeing you all and having a chat and the events and even miss getting lost :joy::rofl::joy: taken out our little one once all in the guideline to see Mum who is 94 ! Half an hour drive away From our house with the roof down wind in our hair hope you are all well See you al Very soon we hope - keep safe take care love Dave & Jayne​:heart_eyes: … ! (Next trip will take more photos) xx image|375x500

Herberts here !, both surviving, not murdered each other yet, in fact been quite civil , ventured out in the RF couple of days ago to put some energy in the battery, other than that weekly runs to bring temps & pressures up, other than short trips out shopping for essentials we are being quite nomadic, hope every one is all ok, see you all sometime - who knows, P & BAH, Bicester.

Hi Dave here. Although I’ve never joined any of you at one of your regular meets I just thought I’d jump in and say hi.

So far I’ve repaired our washing machine, the lawn mower and an oscilloscope. I’m not a great one for DIY so the house is still a mess and my gardening skills are limited to cutting the grass.

My mk3.5 hasn’t moved since the lockdown started ( 6 weeks? I lose track of time ) and apart from a quick wash and putting the battery on charge I haven’t done anything with it. Unfortunately my mk1 is down at our place in Devon so although there are loads of things I would like to do with that, it’s 200 miles away and I don’t think " I want to go and tinker with my MX5 officer " would be taken as essential travel.

Stay safe everyone and let’s hope the weather stays good for some top down motoring later in the year when we’re allowed out to play again.


Hi Dave
Well done for starting a Oxford area-keeping in touch post,i always go on the forum every morning,just nice to see all the interesting items of news that come up in general etc,although i liked the old forum more,i will admit i am slowly getting in tune with the new one,i go out a reasonable amount in my car to keep it happy and sweet,and the owner happy and sweet but it is def not a very nice way to live life with all this isolation but basically obeying all the rules,having heavily fertilized the lawn i now mow it three times a week but it does look amazing.
Have a nice day all best Simon

Thanks for getting this started we all need to keep in touch. One small problem though is that not many members seem to use the Forum - we have had emails asking “where do we find it?”

I have not been a consistent user but you do find some interesting topics. Check out -

Lockdown Photo Challenge!

General Discussion ForumsMX-5 Chat

It is photos of where members “5” 's are being kept during lockdown.

Keep safe Dave & Jenny

We’re planning on being in Oxford by autumn so hopefully will be able to meet you all to show you all the little jobs I’ve been doing to my car during lockdown
Darren (and Kerry)

Look forward to meeting you and seeing what you have done.

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Hi All
It has been business as normal for me - key worker so been going to work every day enjoying the empty roads and no rush hour jams.

Weekends - Have cleaned the car every one except for this last bank holiday :sunglasses:


Hi Alan
The rest of the Oxford club need you to keep going to work,to enable the government to keep paying our pensions.I will buy you a pint when next we are together.
Thank you very much Simon

Hi Team
Had a lovely drive out today,to deliver a bunch of flowers to our glorious area group leader who must be obeyed at all times,roof down wind through the hair so simple so nice,via a scenic route.
P.S She is a lady by the way just so you all know.
All best Simon
Lets see some hot news from more of the Oxfords group.

Hi MX5 Friends hope you are all well and keeping safe x Looking forward to the next event and see you all again for a BIG Cheers at the Peacock really miss everyone and our trips out all the best to you all let’s hope this all ends very soon so we can get back out there on the open road together :ok_hand::ok_hand:
We put a little hat on our car today x keep safe x Jayne & Dave x

Car was cleaned again on Sunday… :sunglasses:

Nice to see Alan is letting us know that he is keeping his car clean ,should we have a concours competition,i have used mine quite a lot hoping to have a day at the sea this week in a deserted area,have still managed to average approx 700 miles a month slightly below target,just so want to go on a proper trip though.
I hope all the other Oxford members are keeping well,perhaps they could tell other members all the exiting things they have done on the forum.
Have a nice day Simon

Well at the moment my car is filthy,as i have used it so much,went to the coast hengitsbury head near bournemouth the other day,as the government said i could,most of the world seemed to be there i paid a lot of money to park on the officially OPEN car park but obv no toilets were open so i assume people were crossing there legs,but it was a lovely day i desperately needed to see the sea,as i am a great sea lover,the cafe on the head was open as a take away cafe very nice,then on the way home i called into get a cup of tea[socially distanced] from a mate in basingstoke,i also had a lovely trip out to see our glorious group leaders in abingdon,[[obv at all times correctly socially distanced],i also are doing three walks a week of approx 8 miles,cannot really sit totally isolated locked up on my own at home like a prisoner,funny old way to live life.
Now lets hear from some other Oxford members what they are doing with there lives in this enforced lockdown.
Wishing you all the best and hoping we can somehow get back to a normal life shortly.
All the best keep smiling Simon

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Hi Guys How are you we went for a run out today to Mothers half hour away from home, took the little one what a Gorgeous day Sunny, Blue sky and very windy but lovely to be out in our MX5. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well and We are so looking forward to the next Pub meet And Drive out seems ages since last saw everyone take care love x

Dave and Jayne xx🚙

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With our cancelled holiday this week - the good news is its now less than 365 sleeps until the next one… LOL :partying_face: :crazy_face: :sunglasses:

hi, owner since december, in the kingston bagpuize area, good to see other owners in the same area!
have the nd soft top version as a replacement for my previous daihatsu copen, not as cute but far more exciting.

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Welcome to the Mx-5 group. Good to hear that you are enjoying the car and hope to meet up when restrictions allow.
Jenny & Dave
Area Co-ordinators

Shame about the holiday but as you say we have another to look forward to. Shame really as the weather looks quite good for the week.
Hopefully catch up in the not to distant future.