Past ER Event - St Peter's Brewery Tour - October 17th 2010

St Peter’s Brewery, St Peter South Elmham, Bungay - Sunday 17th October


A trip has been arranged by Bill and Sue to the above Brewery deep in the st1:cityst1:placeSuffolk</st1:place></st1:city> countryside.  The start point will at the Little Chef, st1:addressst1:streetWitchford Road</st1:street>, st1:cityEly</st1:city> st1:postalcodeCB6 3NN</st1:postalcode></st1:address> at <st1:time minute=“45” hour=“8”>8.45 am</st1:time> to leave at <st1:time minute=“0” hour=“9”>9.00 am</st1:time>


From there we take a direct route to the st1:cityst1:placeNorfolk</st1:place></st1:city> and st1:placest1:placenameSuffolk</st1:placename> st1:placenameAviation</st1:placename> st1:placetypeMuseum</st1:placetype></st1:place>, Flixton to arrive around 10.30, which maybe a more convenient meet point for members from the East of the region to join the event.

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We intend to stay for an hour, the Museum is free and worth a look around, we hope to able to park under the planes, to take advantage of a great photo opportunity. There are toilets and a NAAFI for refreshments with excellent homemade cakes.


We will leave the Museum at 11.30 for a short drive to the Brewery.


We have provisionally booked two tours, <st1:time minute=“0” hour=“12”>12 noon</st1:time> and <st1:time minute=“0” hour=“13”>1.00 pm</st1:time>, the maximum number per tour is 20, the tour is around the Brewery with a tasting session at the end, this all takes around an hour and costs £4.00 per person. 


There is a well stocked shop for you to purchase any beers you have tasted.


Sunday lunch is available at the Hall next to the Brewery. The cost of Sunday lunch at the Hall is £12.95 for which you will need to make your own advance booking direct with the restaurant (01986 782288). Mention the MX-5 Owners Club. We need to know if you are going to eat at the Hall so you can be allocated to the earlier brewery tour, as it is impossible to fit in the second tour before the restaurant last orders at <st1:time minute=“0” hour=“14”>2.00 pm</st1:time>.

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If you would like to join us, please register your interest.  We will need to confirm numbers for this event by Sunday 26th September, so please keep your eye on this topic.



12 noon Tour: 

2:   Kev & Sue

4:   Andy & Linda

6:   Sydboy & Syd… Dad (Flixton)

8:   Paul & Trish (Flixton)

10: John & Sally

12: Jackie and Graham

14: Karen & Steve

16: Lyn & Mick

18: Margot & Keith

20: Simon & Steven

22: Don & Mo


1 o’clock Tour:
2: Bill & Sue
4: Robbie & Kate
6: Mike & Lilianne (Flixton)
8: Steve & Jo
10: Ady & Lucy (Flixton)
11: Steve Bainbridge
12: Carole
13: David
15: Mel & Sue (Flixton)
17: Alan & Gina (Flixton)
19: John & Dan
20: Katie Pyle



For more information please email st1:personnameMedlows</st1:personname> at


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 yes we will be attending

Andy and Linda



 Tasted the beer at Rougham.We will be coming to this and would like the early tour with Sunday lunch at the hall please.

What time do you suggest booking lunch for?

Looking forward to this one.

Kev and Sue.

Hi Kev

Drunk all those beers yet?Beer  I would suggest that you book your lunch for 1.30 and mention MX-5 Owners Club when you book as they wil then sit everyone together.

See you soon


 Hi Bill and Sue,

No I’ve been very good and not opened the case yet but I admit I am very tempted.

Will book lunch for 1.30.

Many thanks

Hope to see you soon

Kev and Sue.

 Hi Bill and Sue

Could we be on the early tour and we will book lunch at the hall for 1.30

Thanks Andy and Linda

Booked lunch at the Hall for 1.30

See you on the day

Andy and Linda

Hi Bill, Sue

Please could you put me down for the early tour

Thanks  Carl and Farther (who will be 65 on the 22nd)

Dan is a little too young to have the delights of sampling the lovely St Peters beer.

No food.


Hi Carl

Glad you can join us for this one, will add you to the 12 noon tour.

Make sure you have an empty boot for all your purchases.

Look forward to seeing you on the 17th October, I take it you will be joining us at Flixton at 10.30.



 Hello, we’d like to join the 12 o’clock brewery tour. Looking forward to Flixton, brilliant museam. Paul & TrishBig Smile


Glad you can make it, will add you to the 12 noon tour, not sure where you are coming from but look forward to seeing you at either Ely or Flixton. If you require lunch please book with the Hall direct and quote MX-5 Owners Club.

See you on 17th October.



 See you at Flixton. Paul & Trish Big Smile

No sorry wont be going now.

Shall meet you all at Flixton Geek

Yes please, 2 more. Will you book us for the 12:00 tour please.


Yes, confirm we’ll be there, meet you at Flixton and looking forward to the 12 o’clock brewery tour. Paul & Trish

 Hi Bill and Sue

We would love to meet you at 8:45am, I will book a Sunday dinner for us, if I can.

Kind regards, Margot and Keith

M/N 28783

copper red coupa AU10 etc

Getting close to the event now. Ailsa is going to want a bit of a write up of the event and a few photos for the Newsletter, anyone want to volunteer?


Simon and I (Stephen) are going.

Looking forward to it.

We want to have lunch, so put us down for the 12:00 tour.


 Hello Bill and Sue,

Lilianne and I would like to come on the brewery tour, but we will not want lunch. We will meet up with you all at the aviation museum at 1030. We live not far away from this museum.

If you are interested I can give you some information on some of the aircraft in the museum as we walk around as I am an an ex RAF pilot and flew some of the aircraft in the museum. In one or two cases the actual aircraft in the museum are in my logbook.

It was great to meet you at the National Rallye at Chatsworth.

Mike and Lilianne