Only Prescott approved photographers are able to actually take pictures trackside and I have managed to secure 4 such Photographers. They will be walking around the pits and trackside taking action, candid and portrait photographs and are very happy to discuss any requirements you might  have.

The 4 photographers are:
Allan Rhodes -
Shireen Broadhurst -
Paul Saunders - (Paul will put a separate link from here to the National photographs)
Dennis Wood - No website as yet, but get his email address if you spot him taking a photo of your car.

These photographers do not work like most photographers you see…charging you an arm and a leg for a print of your car, which looks like everyone elses, they are great picture takers with a brilliant sense of humour…check out their work.

See you all on Sunday…have a safe journey down…should be roofless all the way!



Are all cameras not allowed?

I intended to take my video camera, for a few action shots

Is this the same for cameras mounted to cars?


How do we find/buy the photos that were taken by these guys as we went up the hill?




First link is a dud and the other two don’t (at this time) have any photos of todays hijinx.

 Ok, thanks for that…As soon as they get back to me with working links you will know about it!


 3rd link is now working.

 Ive tried clinking on the link but it does nothing!

FYI the problem with the first link above is due to a typo, it should be

… though there are no photos on there from yesterday as yet.

 Ok thanks.  I’m trying to locate the photographs that were being taken as we crossed the finish line!!


Sorry to point out but the re-typed link above is still a dud site Sad


 but if you type x1media as opposed to xlmedia it works

Strange - I pasted it from the site itself - but if you Google ‘Allan Rhodes Photography’ you should find it.

It’s because you edited the visible portion of the site name and didn’t edit the underlying URL link.

Good evening ladies and gents. What a fabulous day it was and for a regular Prescott tog who is passionate about MX5’s it doesn’t get much better than that!

I am currently working on my photo’s but I have started a Facebook album which is here but once I have finished them all I will upload them to my website. In the meantime if you wish to see any that I may have taken of you then please feel free to contact me either via PM or email shireen dot broadhurst at gmail dot com and I will sort some out for you :slight_smile:

A huge thanks to Shireen Broadhurst for this stunning photo from the top of the hill climb


Paul Saunders’ Photo album…so far…!/media/set/?set=a.4656620619347.190745.1408310622&type=1

 Does anybody know who the photographer was at the finish line?  We saw our car being phographed but alas have so far not located it on any of the various pictures published :frowning:

There were 4 professional photographers there and I am waiting for them to contact me with thier final albums…As soon as I get notification I will put up the links.