Raffle ticket question

just wondering how much this should raise.

if every recipient of STHT sold or paid for the £10 book of tickets at the very least without buying/selling more, how much will we raise?

i suppose the question should be how many members are there?

is there a target that has been set or is it a “wait & see” type of campaign.

if it hasnt already been thought of, how about the 15/20 car being positioned by the track going downhill from the entrance gate where every car has to pass & all non member cars being pounced on by a ticket seller (& yes i have volunteered my services for a stint of whatever needed)

 5000 ish members, no target set, just as much as possible…

I believe ticket sales will be over before the actual rally, probably down to the sheer logistics of organising a draw from the many thousands that will already have ben sold by then…!!



Ticket sales in excess of 4k at present. I’m begining to hate the colour yellow.

 All ticket stubs, payments and unsold tickets have to be returned to me by Sept. 2nd. I don’t think any tickets can be sold after that date.

If you want to help out, have a look at the schedule for the 15/20 car and see if it is in your area on any of the dates and offer to do a stint there… I’m sure you’d be greeted with open arms by the co-ordinators.  

good idea

cheers jenny.

oops. just realised i havn’t sent you mine yet…[:$]

I have been concerend about the sale of tickets being pulled before the rally.  Here is the text that I have sent out to the team and areas:-

“I have discussed the sale of 15/20 raffle tickets on the Rally day with
Jenny and it is felt that if we do not then we miss a huge opportunity. 
Jenny is happy to log the sales after the event for the sake of
traceability and continuity so that will not slow down the selling process.

So, the plan is to sell up until 1300hrs which will give us time to
prepare for the raffle itself.  We also feel that this will not detract
from our own raffle as it is a different prize regime.

What we need is ticket sales executives please.  Jenny and Madeline will
be selling as will I so I ask you to put your name forward to Jenny for
part of the day and help us out.  One person per area please will do the

Please let Jenny know in the next couple of weeks.”

 who won the raffle…


 Who let him in?

 Mr R Head of Woking won the car, the ticket number is 006710 and it was sold at the Silverstone Classic weekend in July.

 I think I recall selling that ticket !  Richard Head is not a name that one forgets easily.  His parents must’ve been cruel people [:(]


 I may have misheard but I though Clive said he sold it, then I thought Jen claimed she sold it, now Ken !!!  Perhaps there were a lot of R Heads at Silverstone… lol…[;)]

 It could have been worse…he could have been called Mr. Soul. [;)]

I thought Clive sold him the winning ticket but when I contacted him to confirm the number he wasn’t the guy I was thinking of.

Clive spoke to on the phone. He said a woman sold him the ticket at Silverstone so Clive described me to him and he said the description fitted…small, blonde and wearing specs.

When I contacted Mr Head he said he had his 10 year old son with him, If it’s the bloke I’m thinking of now, he asked Jim about the car and Ken showed him round it and the little lad sat in the car. I think we all played a part in selling him the ticket. Our combined money extracting skills over the Silverstone weekend were second to none.

 I remember them well - lovely father and son - the car could not be going to a nicer family [:D]

Oh yes it could [;)]


 Rumour has it that Mr R Head is the chairman of the BMW owners club!!!

 Talking about names I worked witha guy called Richard Dickin and a woman called Teresa Green. One of my colleagues in the USA was called Chuck Seamen - Honest [Y][:)][8-)]


 The winner is a member of the BMW club but he’s not the chairman.

 Do we know how much was raised yet (or did I miss that somewhere?)



 Thank you…I will pass that on to the South West Midlands forum which is where I got the rumour from [:D] I hope the new owners enjoy and have fun with their new car

 When I bought some raffle Tickets at Mallory Park I believe that the total was something over £20,000