Ragley Hall 2018

(Written earlier today, but my phone didn’t have signal enough to post it here then…)


Sat looking at all the cars, people, stalls etc. Just wanted to say thank you and well done to all those responsible for putting on today's Rally. It's a huge undertaking and your efforts are appreciated.

Couldn’t agree more. One of the best rallies in my opinion. Plenty to see and do and a great setting

Well done to everyone who worked so hard.


Well Said

So much to see and do, massive effort from all involved to make an amazing day 

Thankyou and much appreciated


 Well done and thank you to all organisers of today’s event, it was one of the best I have been to. Great turn out of cars as well. Excellent day.

Very different rally from my first one, back in 2000.




yes well done to the organisers. Had a great day, was my first rally but absolutely brilliant to see so many mx5’s all together, just getting there being in a sea of mx5s certainly brought a smile to my face and seeing so many exceptional cars makes me want to get in the garage!! Look forward to next year.

I would like to add my thanks to everyone who helped to make today the best Summer Rally I’ve been to in six years. The house, its staff and catering was excellent. The group providing the music were great. It was a great day!

Once again, THANKS ALL!

I live in Alcester, 10 minutes from Ragley, but have family staying and couldn’t get to the rally. Very frustrating, seeing all those MX5s in Waitrose car park and on the roads all around the town. It must have been a great day.

Just to thank the organizers for a very enjoyable day out.

Impressed with the ‘ferry loading’ parking, and thought the Ragley guys were all very welcoming.

The hall and gardens were a great addition to the 5s.


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Today was brilliant.

Location was superb. I would be very happy to go back to Ragley again in the future.

Facilities, traders and stands were almost everything one could want, I managed to talk with everyone I needed to, and a few more happy surprises. The live music was a welcome bonus, playing lots of our favourite oldies.

Operation Stack and Park worked a treat, best system yet.  We only waited about twenty minutes from arriving at the roundabout on the A46 to actually parking in front of the hall, and most of that time I was able to stretch my legs while waiting for our turn to move on from the stack.

The organisation was excellent, congratulations to the team for their hard work and good ideas, and thank you for arranging the dry weather as well.

And of course the cars were just wonderful.  I was so impressed by how well everyone looks after their cars.  Well done to all.

I echo the comments of what has been said already on this thread. A really terrific rally and what a splendid venue Ragley Hall is. I too thought the band were fantastic, entertaining us all with songs from the 60’s.

A big thank you to the committee and organisers for a wonderful Rally

Very well organised, great venue, many thanks to everybody involved.

Well done indeed!!

As well as adding my appreciation for the hard work and efficiency of all involved in the organisation of this splendid event, I’d like to give another thumbs-up for the band who were performing live - their professionalism and good nature matched the spirit of the day. Well done all. 

We had a lovely day at Ragley Hall, the best rally we have been to in our eleven years of ownership. Lots to see, not just car related, the band were great, the drones quite amazing and Mazda very welcome for showing support with free coffee and test drives.

I like the Rocketeer and the RF, very nice to catch up with at least some of our friends. The ‘better half’ thought the new wool hats were fantastic so bought a couple, they must be popular as the stand sold out  The pen was a useful gift although I would have preferred to have been given a Rocketeer  

We entered from the south and saw no traffic although I hear we may have been lucky, the holding area before parking was well thought out and ran like clockwork. 

Overall we would like to thank everyone who made the day so successful, the club igloo looks posh and the gathered cars looked great.

What a fantastic day our first rally  newish members of the mx5 club all the 5 on the road 

going in to Ragley Hall a small tear to the eye thank you for well organised rally roll on next year and see Fuzz Townsend was good to ones again thank you to the organisers 

jon and den p s how many fives was there ???

Lovely day, thoroughly enjoyed it, and the run there and back through the Cotswolds.

The hall was worth a visit too.

I spent a bit more than I intended on various unguents for the (car) bodywork, but it should fairly gleam when I have applied them all!

as every one said a great day first time been to a mx5 meet well organized got you through with  no dramas but had a good laugh at the   Marshall directing the traffic into lines and some one was not listing made there own line but he put them straight   well done every one

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the organisation on arrival. From turning into the entrance at 10.30 to being parked-up took just 30mins; the holding area worked really well and helped to alleviate local traffic congestion. I doff my baseball cap to all those involved. Seriously good event. 

Ditto all the above.  A massive well done to everyone including the amazing number of members/owners who turned up.  Great event and location.  Breathtaking!