Ram Air or Pipercross panel filter?

Hi All
Was looking to get an induction kit for my 2019 2.0 ND
But having seen the prices thought better of it.
So…looking to get a performance panel filter instead.
What are peoples recommendations between Pipercross or Ram Air?


Any reason for a so called performance panel filter ?
If it’s for more power, then don’t bother, it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

I know performance wise i won’t see anything.
But they are supposedly better than a stock paper filter and last longer.
I’m hoping for a slightly deeper tone under acceleration as well…although I doubt that will happen either. Lol.
Just can’t justify hundreds of pounds for an induction kit.

I’ve no doubt that you may obtain some induction roar, but I doubt that they perform any better than a paper filter.
Granted they last longer, but you’ll pay 10 times the price, so one negates the other.

I’m happy to pay £35
A standard one will cost me a tenner anyway. Just wondered if there was any difference in quality between the two and what people would opt for?

Just save your money and don’t buy either. No performance benefit. No guarantee they will even provide the filtering performance the manufacturer specifies with the standard filter, so hardly ‘better’ by any criterion.

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A new standard filter will provide the same level of performance as a “performance” one, (there was a study done comparing the benefit of a new filter v various performance filters and a new standard one showed the best upgrade over an old standard one) but at a cheaper price, so having looked at a lot of posts on the subject, stick with standard and if you feel you want to spend money on your car (don’t we all?), spend it on something that you can see…

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A study for Renault trucks indicated that K&N type filters provide a more consistant level of filtration than a paper filter. The study found that there was harm done to engines due to premature changing of paper filters. All filters take some time to build up filtering efficiency; for the first portion, the filters are letting in more dirt particles that later on. There is a point when filters reach optimal filtering efficiency. paper filters, over an extended life, start to block, and the engine loses power. The K&N type filters maintain the filtering efficiency for a longer time.

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Was the study conducted by K&N by any chance


This shows a K&N on a NC. I have nothing to do with this company but many here have used them.


Very interesting. Especially to see the results straight away like that. :+1:

I’ve got an ITG in mine, widely used in motorsport and on the likes of Caterhams etc. I didn’t buy it for performance, i’d rather clean and re-oil than throw the filter away and have to buy a new one each service.


Yeah thats what I’ve always done on my previous motors

Mine came with a k+n cone on it, made a silly noise and looked a bit max power to be honest. Swapped it for a pipercross foam panel and it’s quieter and the bum dyno suggests a bit more torque. Tbh I like cleaning a filter periodically rather than chucking a paper filter away, personal preference. I know there used to be a lot of talk of filter oil killing air sensors but that’s not something I’ve ever experienced.

Surely on 2019 model you should keep the stock filter for warranty requirements?

I have a 2019 N.D and have always fitted a pipercross filter,it has a label that says it does not effect the warrantry at all,i could always pit te original back if i felt so,it def gives just a slight more induction noise.

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Cheers Limon. My thoughts were the same regarding quick replacement if I need to take it in. 2 second job lol.

So what condition was the old filter in then, new partly used well used?
Pointless without a valid control or comparison.

Thank you for question alben. As I originally said “ I have nothing to do with this company” so I’m not in a position to answer but I’ve googled their phone number so you can ask them. 01280 700700.


Hi all
Well after all the comments I went with the Pro Ram panel filter.
Fitted within seconds and straight away once driving rhe idle is so much smoother. I’d even say that its smoother through the gears on acceleration too. So I’m a happy kid.

Thanks to all for inputs. And I wish you all a great weekend.

Stay safe

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