Renewal time [Admiral]

Renewal came in, always a little bit more year on year (though Admiral did give policyholders £25 back last year without requiring a claim to be made to get it).

Did the usual compare option sites, most quite close to the renewal… went to Churchill direct and a £60 saving… back to Admiral via web chat (very good service) and a suitable discount obtained to make it not worth moving.

Reset again next year.


Mines with admiral ,for 2 daily’s and house insurance too , due in March so hopefully a good deal also :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

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They have always been willing to talk discounts upon renewal. In fact they encouraged me to phone them first if not happy with the renewal prices. I too have multi car and home cover with them.

I always go in armed with a few quotes from others, you have to, gives you an idea what to aim for of course.:+1:


I’m due for renewal just now as well, Admiral wanted £500 to cover my 5 this year an increase from last year for no good reason😱 I’ve always had multicar with them but as soon as they bumped up the price for the car I was on the phone, they only reduced it by £40 So I’ve searched with Lancaster and they have offered me £180 for the year.

Pretty shocking from Admiral really. Don’t understand how it can be almost £300 cheaper elsewhere by splitting up my insurance policy. My other car is also considerably cheaper elsewhere as well.

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I have two cars insured with Admiral and not on the multi car policy, I did try that a few years ago and found the discount soon disappeared and a larger bill in one month compared to spreading it through the year.

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Yep that looks like that is what is happening here. When I was on the phone to them trying to get the price down they actually said that if I split the policy the price might have even been more expensive :rofl: Couldn’t understand that either. By splitting my cars up on different insurers I’m looking at almost £1,000 less for the next year. Boggles my mind.

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Admiral did this to me a few years ago, effectively more than doubling the usual premium.

The young lad on the phone was quite surprised when I said I had several other quotes for the same cover, and from well known respected insurers and mostly at about 40% of what Admiral were asking for.

I think it’s an age thing, but they can’t admit to it. “Discrimination” is a dirty word to be tarred with in any industry, even one that uses age all the time to work out its rates.


Renewed Admiral House contents/Eunos multicover fully comp agreed value at £140 and added our Citroën at £££ cheaper than its renewal price with another insurer so now have contents and 2 cars fully comp for under £300 so can’t complain.

However, for some reason, they can’t compete on my ND and were more expensive than Direct Line - go figure!

I got quotes from most insurers either online or via compare sites over 3 years ago, mostly individual quotes. I came to the conclusion I’d be paying £200 ish per car then my home insurance would be on top. So around £500 I’d set my target for all three. I’d previously been with a few insurers for my home insurance, the last being Sainsbury’s who gave me a quote of £130 less a voucher to spend in the supermarket for £25, so not sure whether I’d get that voucher again as a sweetner I’d take that into consideration.
Not only did Admiral give me cover for sub £200 on each car the gave me home insurance for £63, all like for like on what I’d had previously. Wind on now 3 years and my renewal price after a little negotiation is still sub £200 for each car, with home insurance thrown in I paid £460 renewal for the lot back in November and they’d already given me £50 back too.

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I’ve been with Admiral for quite a few years now and currently have 3 cars insured with them, my MX5 and my partners car on one multicar policy, and another policy with my daily car.
The multicar policy was up for renewal this month. Usually when my renewal is due, I’ll check on the usual comparison sites and the cheapest quote I get will typically be from Admiral or one of the Admiral owned companies, and it’s usually cheaper than the renewal quote.
This year, when I checked on (which is owned by Admiral), it didn’t give me a quote from Admiral, and the cheapest quote was from some other company at £300. But, I found that if I change one letter in my surname when getting a quote then I did get a quote from Admiral and it was £160!! That’s £140 cheaper than the previous cheapest quote and £100 cheaper than my renewal quote! Turns out, if your renewal is due with Admiral, the comparison sites know this and won’t give you a quote so that you’re forced to pay the renewal price. Thankfully, I spoke to Admiral on the online chat, told them what happened and they honoured the £160 quote, and gave me a cheaper quote for the second car on that policy too!

TL:DR Try changing a few letters in your surname when getting a quote on the comparison sites and you may get a cheaper price!


Hi IanH
I also use Admiral for my MK1 MX5, MK3 MX5, Audi TT and my Wifes A3 plus out house and dog. I have been with them for many years and at renual time I always give them a ring to see if they will do me a deal, and they have done each time very professioanl company
Ian S

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Always use the incognito web browser function for insurance quotes and airline tickets etc.
That way you aren’t being tracked by cookies, so it can’t tell if you are running lots of quotes.

It’s all data driven and constantly changing, if they have a lot of claims in your postcode, or for your type of car, your occupation, age, etc, they will put your price up.
No 2 quotes are the same, not sure anyone will ever fully understand it…:grinning:
TBF Admiral are organised, they offered me another 10% off on the web chat.

It’s a shame they weren’t as good for me, must just be completely random.
My final quote I was given for renewal was £1,407.89 down from £1,768.89 and that was for a multicover with a Focus and The MX-5 with Business for 1 on the Focus. They wanted £487 to cover the MX 5. Ridiculous how they have come to that conclusion and they did say “we see you’ve been with us for a good number of years” Clearly that counts for nowt.

Ford is now insured for £620 with the coop for the year and the MX-5 is covered with Lancaster for £200 which includes breakdown etc which admiral didn’t. Clearly just didn’t want the business this year.

£820 Vs £1,407.89 Get a grip Admiral.

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got my renewal price from admiral ,
£877 for 2 cars and home insurance (premium cover buildings + contents ) :unamused:

30mins on compare sites and a call to admiral got me down to £638 all included :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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