Repairing car mats

One car mat has a big hole eaten by a heel below the clutch, the others are immaculate.

Car Mats UK and two others I contacted say they do not put a heel pad where this heel wears. Daft, when the Mazda carpet underneath has a pad there.

So I cut out the hole

and instead fitted the mat with a bit of 3mm sheet rubber to even up the thickness

and carved some more of the sheet to fit nicely while nestling closer to the footrest

Just waiting on the load-spreading washers (a week overdue) to arrive so I can pop-rivet it together. I’m also considering a glue, but I don’t think much will stick to this rubber. Any suggestions?

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When I attached a new top layer to the front of a worn out mat I used Thixofix contact glue and weighted it all down for a week.


what about bike puncture repair glue ???

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I use the all rubber mats from MX5 parts, much easier to live with than fabric ones.


I left some bits of scrap rubber sticking overnight to see with different glues.

The vulcanising glue tubes I have are tiny, and it would need as much as a set of four mats cost to stick down the edges of the rubber to the pile carpet.
The vulcanising glue worked, but only where I’d roughed the surface and I guess cleaned off some release agent, so I expect to stick the patch in the hole gluing around the edges with it.

Also superglue is said to work well, and the test patch was OK on the roughed places, but was weaker and again its expensive for how much I would need and working time is a nightmare on something big.

Some old Black Bostik has the right smells and normally sticks to anything, but just peeled off the rubber, so useless.

I have a big tin of Evostik that might do the job, or I might buy a tin of neoprene glue. Not tried those yet.

I needed to identify what the rubber was before committing myself. Apparently, if it melts with heat it is a pvc base and if it burns and stinks of sulphur it is proper rubber, like this one is. I almost think a pvc base might be better in this application with a heel rubbing because the stanley knife cut the 3mm rubber sheet very easily, or maybe not.

I think the pop rivets will be needed, and just use the glue to try and prevent the edges curling or trapping dirt.

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Agreed, and my original idea, but I have to bow to a higher authority since she does all the mileage in that car.

Maybe the pong of the rubber patch might change her mind…

This stuff may work


Available on Ebay and Amazon.

I used it here

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Thanks, that looks like the best solution.

I’ve ordered a 90g tube for the edge where the heels will catch it.

Many thanks again.

Yes, it does stick, like the proverbial to a blanket. Here is a pic of my finished bodge, with both rivets and glue. Not pretty, but with black stainless washers and a dab of black glue on each rivet, down at floor level it will not be staring one in the face.

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