Roll hoop inserts - inside the hoop

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ NC1
  2. I’m based near: __ Halifax
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __


So I’ve painted my roll hoops but I was wondering has anyone found anything to go in the open space to stop the wind or to deflect the wind away from the cabin?

Do you not have the factory fitted deflector? If not a google search of MX5 NC wind deflector will bring up various options

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There’s a clear blocker fitted in that photo. Maybe a @Roadie version? Which should be more effective than the OEM version.

To answer the question, I’ve never seen anything inside the hoop and not sure if would make that much difference? You could experiment with some fine fabric mesh and see if you can notice any change.


I have the glass wind deflector with the hoop inserts looks great , see old post

Nice wind blocker, from a company in Germany I think?

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That looks like it could be one of my wind blockers.

For most people who are reasonably tall the seats have to be well back towards the hoops. This does cut down the vast majority of the backdraft through the hoops. It’s only a problem if the seats are slid forward away from the hoops. If that’s the case then an infill could be helpful. Doesn’t have to be solid, mesh will break up the air flow almost as well as a solid piece.

I’m going to suggest something a little risque now. A pair of tights, maybe even fishnet. Oooh Matron!

Pieces of fabric cut from tights using the waistband at the bottom of the hoops. Remove the hoop covers and stretch the fabric over the rear of the covers and fix to the inside edges with double sided or gaffer tape. Then just clip them back on.


I have designed and made my own in hoop deflectors. Being shorter and having the seats further forward than most, I used to get a draught on the back of my neck, but these have certainly helped. I have seen some on a German website at around £300!



Yes it is mate , from here Mazda MX5 NC - Windschott EN


Just wear a snood. Available on eBay in a variety of jolly colours. Or, come to think of it, you could use snoods to go over the roll hoops. But two black snoods. Remove the hoop covers. Slide the snoods over the hoops. Refit the covers. Tadah!


Good idea!

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MIne’s not a track car and certainly wouldn’t like that image either. It’s not always about the effect, but sometimes the pride in the thought and effort that going into making something different and unique that make our cars personal to us.


I produced a number of different perspex panels to fit between the roll hoops. None of them worked. I did try the old school method of taping small strips of paper in various places to check airflow on the move.
They just proved it’s a waist of time and if anything made the draft worse.


You’ve got me going now with that link, so I thought I’d have a go at making some perforated ones to match my wind blocker. So here is the result and certainly not at a cost of 319 Euros! :crazy_face:


They look really good :blush:

Mmm, they look great.
Are you taking orders? Just asking for a friend :slightly_smiling_face:

PM Sent

My solution, cheap, effective and makes kids smile (plus the odd adult gets their camera out):grin: