Sat nav unit 2014 series 3.75 MX5


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I have a series 3.75 MX5 2014 with the sat nav touch screen. It woks fine but the FM radio and bluetooth sound quality is awful! it sounds like it has speakers that cost £2 each!. I have improved it a bit by playing with the balance and fade settings but I cant find anywhere where i can actual adjust the bass and treble.

any ideas? I dont really want to look at changing it



Is yours the Sanyo with TomTom maps?
I had one of those in my 2013 Sport Tech.
Like you they are indeed rubbish.
I even upgraded the speakers thinking it was them, but sadly no.
I bet you can’t even hear the small rear ones?
The only solution is to dump it as I and many others have.
Fitted a Kenwood Unit with reverse camera.
The worlds your oyster what you fit. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

It could be the Alpine unit in a 14 plate car. A little better I hear than the Sanyo.

Sorry for hijacking the post. I have a 2014 Venture Sport & wondered if the unit you fitted with reverse camera would fit in mine ? If so could you advise model number so that I can investigate further ? My unit is so tinny. I take it no satnav fitted as I see you use WAZE app

No problem check out this thread with what I did.
Use Google Maps and sometimes Waze. I’ve always found them to be far more accurate. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
My mate did near enough the same set up in his 2012 venture but no reverse camera.

Hi Chris, if you have the Alpine, you can overwrite the Mazda firmware with the Alpine one, unlocking full sound customisation capability. Makes a huge improvement, but the Sat Nav remains ****.
I can live with it, but a CarPlay / Android Auto based system would make a significant improvement in functionality, but not necessarily sound.

Hmmm, I found it did because clearly the amp in the Sanyo/Alpine units are rubbish.
Mazda basically bodged them in as a selling point but never actually thought it through. They replaced the Sanyo unit a year later with the Alpine unit thinking it would be better, but clearly not.
But that is just what I found. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

The sound was unbearable with the Mazda firmware. Tinny, thin sound with no bass weight at all. Updating the firmware to the Alpine version, unlocking all the customisation settings, made such a big improvement for me, I haven’t felt the need to replace it (yet). The sound is decent, not sure a HU swap would make much difference tbh, but the way it functions is still garbage. An upgrade is still on my todo list, but nowhere near the top.

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Thanks very much for your assistance. I will check out this option.


I just use my phone, both for streaming to the head unit and for sat nav via Google Maps.
Google Maps updates itself and for free.

I have a 2013 mark 3.75 Sport Graphite, which probably has the same unit (incl. TomTom satnav, which works well) and on the main unit right hand side (not on the screen) there is a ‘music note’ button which displays adjustable bass and treble values - each one is 0 to 6 - sorry, but it works well on mine!

I replaced my Sanyo unit with a Pioneer AVIC Z830 DAB unit, and got a reversing camera and DAB bee-sting aerial fitted at the same time. May upgrade speakers in due course when the wife is not looking at the family finances.

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