Saturday 17 September - chat thread -

Silverstone track event & organised runs through the Northamptonshire countryside followed by a special Evening dinner/dance.

More details to follow.

Any more info on the runs yet?
I am holding off returning my booking form until I have been able to compare the runs on offer before deciding. Hotel is already booked however.

 We hope to get details of the runs onto the Forum before the end of the month. Big Smile

 What a Mx5 goes like on the Stowe Circuit

Short enough to be easy to learn

Hard enough to be hard to Master


Go on and have a go you wont regret it… be you a Snail or a Devil

Book the track action HERE


Looking forward to it already



do i need to be an OC member to book on this?

 Hi John,

I’m very sure that you can book as a non-member


 Good to see you and Margie today. Hope all goes well on Thursday. See you at the National in September.


Anne & Mike

Likewise, great to see you too, bring on Sept 17th.
(have even gone back and corrected my ‘Faux Pas’ about your region ;-). )




Runs are now on the Forum Big Smile

Click here.

Can you just go along to Silvestone to watch the track sessions? Is there a charge for spectators?

Spectator admission on Saturday is absolutely free of charge…

 We have booked the track event in the morning and will do one of the drives ourselves in the afternoon (Northampton or canal).

Driving up from Surrey on the M40 on Friday evening, is anyone else going that way? Have I picked the right place for this enquiry?

So looking forward to this event, but shame to be missing out on goodwood revival, will have to do that next year.

A group of us from North Thames area are arriving midday at Billing on the 17th ,while the men go off to Silverstone for the track avents, the wives and partners would like to go on to the Aquadrome site for a few hours ,maybe using the lesuire facilitys ,can you confirm if/what the charge will be.


 North Thames - Please tell me I’m not the only woman out on the track that morning :slight_smile:

Sorry ,so far all men on the track from NT ,but in the afternoon.


An interesting question, with a complicated answer.  Billing Aquadrome’s normal charge is £10 per car but no entry is allowed to the leisure complex (which is basically a bar and a swimming pool).  The leisure complex is for the use of holiday home owners only, however, our deal with Billing gives all MX5OC members free access to the leisure complex on Sunday 18th September.  Now, the weekend of 17th/18th September sees two events at Billing Aquadrome - ours and also the Honda Gold Wing Club’s annual rally; because of the latter, Billing may apply a surcharge to cars coming into the park on Saturday 17th.  On the other hand, if you are camping overnight on 17th September, then I understand that the fee includes access to the park but not the leisure complex; however you can then visit the leisure complex for a “pay as you go” fee of £5 per person. 

Confused?  You should be - I certainly am

Ken Stanbury.  Northampton Area Coordinator

I just checked the listing, 44 men and ME!!! I’ve done a track day at Thruxton and Silverstone GP track. I went off on the grass at Silvrstone but straight back on again and I’ve now but now had new tyres fitted with a better grip - just need to wear them in over the next 2 weekends.

I’ll be in a red MK1 Arizona, WHO2 SMH, so wide berth please :slight_smile:

And I thought The Matrix was confusing ?? Confused

Thanks all the same Ken. Thumbs up See you there.




That makes you a super star, feel no fear.