Silent Coat - what a result!

So I put a Japspeed rear box on the back of my 5, and it is a bit on the boomy side, so I got some silent coat (£25 for a pack of 8 sheets and a roller), and the results are fantastic, what a difference it makes, I can now hear the exhaust and the engine, the resonance has been dulled down loads and I am pretty happy with the results. I also stuffed some old towels into the cavities either side for good measure. Before I did that I blocked off the sound tube too. This car is coming along nicely!

Here are some pics…


Looks good!

The boot floor is amazingly resonant as standard.

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Yep have done mine too. :+1:

+1 for Silent Coat in NC boot a couple of years ago, just on the tingy bits - still saving grams

I later added some more to the well.

I remember now, this panel made the biggest difference.

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What mk, I’m wondering what difference it would make on a MK2.5 ? Also what other areas would benefit.

Which thickness are you guys using, 2 or 4mm? Would appreciate some details of where you got that deal please.

2mm - hunted around on Ebay.

BTW - I also hear tyre choice makes a huge difference too. I think I have the quietest decent option with Falken 310’s.

I had all these grand plans to do stuff to this car, but it is soo damn good in standard form, Its almost annoying!


I wouldn’t have put towels in, they are made of cotton and cotton absorbs moisture. Can you find a better less absorbent material, loft insulation would be better perhaps?


Cotton not only absorbs moisture, it holds onto it
Heavy too

Did my boot a couple of years ago, and as the interior was out did that too. Made all the difference. Now a nice sound from exhaust, but even better when the stereo is on only music.


Good spot, I will try it with them out first but could do with something more permanent. A big sponge would be good I suppose.

Might do my NA :thinking:

Great thread - thanks

Once again a sponge soaks up moisture and hangs on to it, sitting wet next to metal panels or wet lumps in your boot not a good idea. You could try to get closed cell sponge.


The very first pic looks like my oven!:sweat_smile:
Glad you sent the pics as I was very interested in this topic.

They do say it’s good stuff. When I was youth I wanted to dynomat my car to stop rattles from my audio (chav speakers haha) but couldn’t afford it, I used some thick roofing felt instead. Was very cheap it did work. I have no idea how much better real stuff would have been but the improvement was undeniable. :+1: I guess the extra weight and softer material just made it harder for the metal panels to resonate and produce reproduce noise.
Might look into doing this to mine now. Good call.

What is amazing is this silent coat apparently uses military tech and turns noise into heat - which I can confirm when you have a feel it after a drive - so you can stick a chicken in there for a long drive and have some a hot meal when you get home!

Would you be feeling above the exhaust by any chance??? :wink:


Probably right - I’m just regurgitating the sales pitch that I read - I had a bit left over so I have also stuck some to under the rear valance (sticky side facing down) and above the pipe tip cowling to see if that takes away some of the very low rpm roof down resonance that there still is, that thin flappy rear assembly has to resonate and contribute too, I would have thought.

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