Silly question on boot light

Hi all,
2008 Mark 3 prht nc
Does the boot light go off when the boot is shut? Reason I am suspicious of it is that there is a switch on it. Why would you put a switch on it?

My Mrs is being unreasonable and refusing to get in the boot while I close it so she could check for me. Think she has been watching too many US crime shows.

Assuming it does go out, where is the sensor?

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It does go out. My wife’s suggestion is that YOU get in the boot and let your wife shut the lid, then you’ll be sure. :laughing:

No idea where the switch is.


The switch is built into the lock. Got a smart phone? put it in the boot on video record and see what happens.


So you can leave the boot open without flattening the battery. I leave it in the Off position just in case the boot lid is not properly fully latched shut (it happens). This because the open/closed switch is in the boot lock.


A while ago I did exactly this after I’d replaced the bulb with a LED version. It worked a charm and showed the light going out :blush::bulb::new_moon_with_face:

I’ve taped the switch in the “off” position as I only open the boot during the day so the light isn’t necessary.

Get a flat bladed screwdriver and press it into the latching mechanism to mimic the boot lid closing. You should see the light go out.

You must be a fortune teller then…or so paranoid not to leave anything in the boot…I always have to “get things” from the boot that we have taken with us for a day out… The plan is to get home to put the chickens to bed before dark, but we are normaly having such a good time, that it is generaly dusk or just beyond when we get home…hope you don’t have a flat and need the locking wheel nut key in the dark ! "Why would you as the magpie said ?

Thanks for your concern but nothing to worry about I’m OK. I keep the locking nut in the toolkit strapped on the bulkhead just inside the boot, so easy to locate, but more importantly because of some sort of vision condition (something to do with the rods and cones and quite common in people with myopia, apparently) I don’t drive after sunset because my night vision is c*ap.
PS: We used to have chickens and ducks when I was a young sprog!!!

Sorry to hear of your vision condition.
Seems the local pine martain has become partial to our chickens…beggars belief where it gets in…so down to 2 chickens at the moment…which may well be our last as is very distressing finding the chickens minus the heads, which is the only part the martins usually eat !

Sorry to hear about the chickens. Where abouts are you, I thought Pine Martens had quite a small range in the UK. Don’t mean to be nosey but wildlife is one of my interests.

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I am in central france. The pine martin is really prevelent in our area.

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Thanks for clarifying! :+1: Thought you were in the UK, silly me! :crazy_face:

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I switch the boot light off. On the odd occasion when I need to get something out of the boot in the dark I reach into the boot and turn the light on.
I keep the locking wheel nut key readily to hand in a little plastic bag in the centre console. I feel it would get lost in the boot, there are a few items in the glove locker and it would not be safe in the door pockets.

Same here, light turned off in boot as it never goes out after dark. If in doubt remove the bulb and keep a torch in the car.

No it needs turning off I kept getting a flat battery in put a camera in boot to check

Where did you get your boot LED bulb from? I’m trying to track one down

Bought 2, one for the boot and the other for the interior.
(The listing IS for 2 bulbs)
Makes a big difference. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s the size length and bulb number.
There are others, but went for the 8 LED ones. :+1:

I bought a spare internal light thinking it would fit the boot but it was too bit for the fitting. I will give these a go.



Mines 3.75, but quite sure the lights in the boot and inside are the same. :+1: