Silverstone 4th September

Anyone displaying there cars at silverstone next weekend? As I can’t seem to find anything about it on here

I am based in the Milton Keynes area if anyone wants to meet half way to silverstone.

I am assuming you are referring to Japfest next weekend, if yes:

And there was also discussion from a few last year and tickets rolled over so my guess is they are coming too:

I am referring to this event, I am also new to this Mazda mx5 club. And this will be my first show. Wasn’t to sure what was happening as havnt seen anything on here regarding japfest

Welcome! I am also going, looking forward to it, there hasn’t been too much chat on here really but I wouldn’t be too worried :smiley:

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Ahah ok. Well if any one wants to meet before hand in Milton Keynes or just outside area let me know.