Silverstone Classic 2018 20-22 July 2018*

The Club has been accepted to display at next year’s Silverstone Classic.

We are able to offer members a code for discounted infield display ticket packages as below.

to get your discount code please visit the following link: Club Member Discount Code for 2018 Silverstone Classic

Please note the provisional dates for the event are 20-22 July, these are very unlikely to change (although are subject to ratification of the Formula One calendar by the FIA which will take place in early December) and will be confirmed as soon as possible.

If you are interested in attending this fantastic show, we’d urge you to apply for tickets as soon as you can, we saw last year some of the packages sold out well before the event (there are a finite number of total cars that can be infield - this applies to the whole site. Our pitch size is determined by the number of tickets booked not by ), some members were not able to make it on to the Club pitch infield.

The organisers were great with any changes, up to the event and tickets are always in demand 

At present we have no Parade laps

Please note our infield allocation almost full, only limited places remain

Standard Car Club Display Packages

Available 1st April until 31st May 2018

Friday - £52
Saturday - £78
Sunday - £67
2-Day Fri/Sat - £102
2-Day Sat/Sun - £112
3-Day Weekend - £120

Please find the link above for your Discount code.

Also a reminder that the Super Early Bird Discount will run through to 31st December 2017.

I’m getting access denied on that link?

Hi Gary, the code is available in the Club Member login area.

Hi Guys.


Sorry, I’m a newbie! I’ve just signed up for Silverstone tickets using the club code on this page. Do I need to do anything else or just turn up on the day?


Help much appreciated!



Booked for Saturday

I have booked for the Friday.

Anyone had their “infield pass” either by email or post yet.


Had an email earlier:


Please note that if you have purchased a Car Club Display package, your vehicle infield display pass will be sent by post and should be with you around one week prior to the start of the event,

A favour - when the passes start to arrive could somebody post on here please? Last year , the organisers sent mine to my previous address …
I normally have been with Lotus Seven Club and I know their parking area has moved to the inside of Copse . Mx5s and Sevens were both fairly close between Brooklands and Village last year- anyone know yet where MX 5 area will be ? Hopefully where it was , as Copse is bloody awful viewing these days …


Received our infield pass yesterday.

Hi, also received my pass, today.

Arrived . Phew. Brands this weekend, Silverstone next Thurs - Sunday. Beats football …

Got mine as well. Don’t mind the weather cooling down a bit, but I fear we may get some rain by the end of next week. Just our luck.

Anyone travelling up the M40 on the Saturday and wants to meet up at Beaconsfield, Oxford or Cherwell?

I’ve received my pass for Sat and Sun. Yippee!

I notice it says ‘no movement of vehicles on the infield between 10 and 5’. I’m driving up on the day from deepest Kent so unlikely to arrive until early afternoon. Can anyone advise if this rule has some erm, ‘flexibility’? I also plan to leave mid afternoon Sunday for the long jaunt home.  I’m sure many others will be of a similar ‘disposition’. 

Anyone know what’s the low-down on this? 




I asked the organisers about access at 11:18 pm, I received this reply from them just before mid night - I am very impressed !

Hi Burton

Thanks for your query regarding movement on the infield during the daytime. With such a lot of vehicles on site it is important to keep things as safe as possible for the pedestrians. We ask car clubs to be in place by 10am for this purpose,  but as orange 18 is very close to the main entrance they will probably be able to take a position on site.

 Many thanks



I have been involved (with another club) at the Classic for years. I am unaware of the rule ever being rigidly enforced- but it might be if too many people break it. Be discreet and you can do more or less what you like at the Classic - it is a very laissez faire event , hence the wonderful access to the pits etc . Set off tomorrow, back Sunday night .