Silverstone Classic 2022

We are pleased to announce the MX-5 Owners Club’s booking code for The Classic has been released, allowing members to secure one of the infield car club display packages.

For 2022 The Classic is moving to the August Bank Holiday (26-28th August 2022) but retaining the same Friday to Sunday format. The same record-breaking displays of treasured classic cars and unrivalled line-up of retro races from all of motor racing’s golden eras will be right at the heart of The Classic event, with qualifying sessions and spectacular on track showdowns across three action-packed days.

With access to the fantastic infield display package (two adult admission tickets and one infield car display pass) your Club membership brings savings of up to £125 on the full weekend package.

Club package prices

3-day weekend = £135
Friday = £75
Saturday = £109
Sunday = £99

Our Club dedicated code can be accessed here

Once you have booked your ticket, please ensure that the vehicle registration of the car you will be taking is updated on your Club membership profile. As part of the terms of our discount your registration needs to be cross referenced with us by the organisers.

You can add details of your car to your profile and select the vehicle tab to update your car details.


Many thanks for setting this up so quickly.

I’ve bought the Saturday package.

However the Silverstone web site had forgotten my account details (renewed yet again last year) although they have been happily sending me numerous marketing emails to the same address for several years. So I needed to set it up yet again, while they ran a count-down on my purchase! The time-out is fifteen minutes.

I suggest checking if one’s account and password are still valid before trying to make the purchase.

I think everyone needs to set up a new account as last year was a hybrid arrangement between 2 organisers.


Please NOTE when booking

Admission tickets will be available to download early in the new year. Vehicle display passes will not be posted out until two weeks prior to the event.

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I set up a new account (as above) and duly paid for the weekend pass, however I have had no confirmation of the booking from Silverstone although I have had payment confirmation from Paypal. Now when I try to check my Silverstone account they say my log-in details are incorrect… Incidentally my old account is still open & showing last year’s booking!
So now I’ve no idea what the situation is.

Hi Steve,
as this is not a Club managed event, we do not have a direct answer for this issue. I have put in a request for help as you are not alone with this issue.

We were advised at the time of ticket release (hence the individual post on this above, on the main font page post and the Silverstone alert email) that the ticketing information will become available early in the new year. I don’t yet know if this relates to that issue, but have asked.

Last year’s requirements for the show were a hybrid arrangement between Silverstone and the show organisers, this year this event falls under Silverstone directly and hence the need for a new account.

as soon as have something back will come back on it, hang on to all details of payment.

3 day weekend tickets booked for my 2nd year with the club at the classic! :smiley:

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I had loads of issues last year and set up an account that said i had no purchases, even though i had bought a package. I was hoping this year would be better, but the previous comments do not look very promising, but will give it a go over the next day or so.

Phil, let me know if you have any problems, the organisers will look into any issues for members booking tickets, hopefully any previous issues are all resolved now.

I contacted Silverstone r.e the above and have now finally had a reply, so hopefully all is OK :-

" Good Afternoon
> Thank you for your email, I am sorry, we are having trouble with password resets sometimes. YOU do have an order, in your account with this email addresss.
> We will not have tickets in your account to download until much nearer the time, we will have the reset password facility mended before then.
> Have a lovely Christmas.
> Nicky"


Prior to me ordering my tickets, i have contacted Silverstone and they are aware that some have not received confirmation emails, but that it is not widespread and will be fixed. They also advised that even if you have an account, a new one has to be set up.

Also if anyone has any issues to contact via and they should get a response.

I will now try for myself to set up and order.

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Well I have just made a new account and purchased a 3 day weekend package. Have received a confirmation email. Time will tell, when it comes to downloading tickets, but so hopefully all will be well.

That was an expensive morning - a 3 day ticket for the Classic , and a two day ticket (Fri/Sat) for the British Grand Prix . I attend a lot of motorsport , and for decades the GP was an annual highlight
but historic motorsport came to appeal more and more so it’s a decade since I saw F1 live. I am curious to see just how insanely quick the new breed look . At least I am unlikely to come home with a perforated eardrum , as I did in the Nineties , due to a perfect storm of a muggy day, no ear protection and a screaming Mugen V10 .

Last month was pricey too - I spent nearly as much on my Goodwood Members’ Meeting ticket and B & B deposit as I did on Christmas. But I’m worth it .

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Yeah I went to the GP in '18 and can definitely say the speed is something to behold, not quiet cars either, just the note of the engine is certainly different to the cars of old.