Silverstone Classic 2022

Hi W,
Are you a paid up member or just registered for this club site? That may be your problem.

Paid up member, have been for eight years, the link takes me to another page but cannot find anything on the discount code for Silverstone 2022.
If i do a search it takes me back to the same page.

You are showing as just a registered member. Try logging off the club site and logging back on again. It helped another member in a similar position resolve his problem. Worth a try and if that does not work contact ‘membership’ who I sure will be more than happy to help.

Cheers mate, that sorted it out for me :+1:

Glad to help, have a good one and stay safe.

I know it’s getting a lot later in the day to book this event, but am I right in thinking the prices have now gone up on this event for us (members) from what was originally quoted?

Not a problem, but just wanted to check I wasn’t doing anything stupid!



Yes all the early offers are now gone and tickets prices have raised.

Also, sorry, do you know if the MX5 OC will get a parade lap this year? With so many clubs in attendance I’m not sure if it’s a given. I’m hoping to add Silverstone to my son’s list of circuits he’s been in-car with me so far this year (Donny and Cadwell ticked off already!)

Look forward to hearing from you.


No Parade this year :cry:

Needs to applied for at the end of year previous when we put in for a stand at the show and we need a special occasion/anniversary etc to apply for a parade.
After that it’s organisers discretion as to who they give a slot to. so it’s never assured until close to the event.

Next year will be 25 years of the mk2, might be enough. But some big celebrations to come in 2024 for the Club and the Car


Shame, but completely makes sense. 2024 should be an amazing event / year for the club.

All signed up. This’ll be my first time at the Classic and first time going to any MX5 event. Looks like a really great event.

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It is - and I will admit that apart from parking up in the infield enclosure I don’t treat this as an MX 5 event . With up to 1100 racing cars from at least six decades, miles of circuit, two access all areas paddocks and extraordinary road and race car displays to perv over I hope I can be forgiven …

Get in early , stay late and keep exploring is my advice .



A number of infield spaces have been released to Clubs - and you are able to secure an infield car club display package to attend the show - these will be available until they sell out or 31st July, which ever come first.

For 2022 The Classic is moving to the August Bank Holiday (26-28th August 2022) but retaining the same Friday to Sunday format.

With access to the fantastic infield display package (two adult admission tickets and one infield car display pass) your Club membership brings savings of up to £143 on the full weekend package.

Club package prices

3-day weekend = £143
Friday = £83
Saturday = £119
Sunday = £109

Our Club dedicated code can be accessed here

Book here -

Received my email from Silverstone Classic to log-in to my account there to download my entry tickets and my programme voucher; now done and printed here.

They will be posting the Car Club Display Pass for me to receive by “mid August.”
This has worked OK in previous years, so I’m looking forward to this time too.

I am impressed. My Car Club ticket and instructions arrived in the post this morning.
We are in Orange Zone 20, via usual entrance 5 and over bridge B.